Choosing a stretch ceiling in the corridor: types and design options with photos


Choosing a design for a corridor is not an easy task. A walk-through room without natural light, most often a long, narrow shape. You need to try to create an interior that will look good in a limited space and be in harmony with other rooms. One of the components of such an interior is a stretch ceiling. It is this type of finish that has been in high demand in recent years. We will figure out which is better to install stretch ceilings in the corridor, we offer photos of different options in the gallery.

Types of ceilings

According to the composition of the material, two types of tension surfaces are distinguished: PVC film and textiles.


The canvas is a vinyl film with a width of 1 to 5 m. It can have different colors and surface textures. The advantages of this material: attractive appearance and water resistance.

According to the texture, they distinguish:

  • Glossy. Their main feature is mirror reflection. Thanks to this effect, the room becomes taller and brighter. Unfortunately, on a smooth shiny surface, the seam connecting the canvas in large hallways becomes more noticeable. Such surfaces require constant care.
  • Matte differs from glossy only in the absence of gloss. They accurately convey the chosen color and go well with any style of interior. Seams are almost imperceptible on their surface. They are much easier to care for than glossy ones.
  • Satin — something between a mirror gloss and a calm matte surface. They reflect the light, but more gently, creating a pearly sheen. A feature of this type is the antistatic effect, due to which dust does not accumulate on the surface.

  • Which stretch ceiling is better - matte or glossy: compare and choose


    Which stretch ceiling is better — matte or glossy: compare and choose


In essence, it is a knitted fabric made of synthetic threads impregnated with special substances. It allows air to pass through, so there will be no greenhouse effect in the hallway. This variety is characterized by increased strength and durability, does not sag over time. It combines well with other types of finishes. It can be repainted with acrylic paints. The cost of fabric canvases is higher than that of film ones, but the luxurious appearance is worth it.

  • Types of stretch ceilings: choose the best for different rooms


    Types of stretch ceilings: choose the best for different rooms

Design of matte and glossy stretch ceilings in the hallway with a photo

At the moment, more than a hundred shades of ceiling materials are available. A small space and artificial light impose certain restrictions on the choice of shades and textures for the ceiling. It must be in harmony with the rest of the elements. This takes into account the height and area of ​​\u200b\u200bthe room.


Gloss glares and reflects interior details and lighting, so most often for this type choose light solid colors (white, gray, blue, beige). This is especially significant for a small hallway.

The easiest option is to choose a white ceiling, and then give it the desired shade with colored lighting.

Dark shades (black and brown) are best used in spacious rooms, because they visually reduce the height of the room. In the case of gloss, you need to remember that the darker the shade, the stronger the mirror effect. Therefore, for narrow long corridors, it is advised to choose a matte canvas.

With photo printing

The ceiling with drawings is recommended to be combined with a laconic interior, since it in itself is a bright accent. Therefore, the rest of the decor should be minimal. The choice of drawings or photographs is huge — from ready-made proposals to individual, made to order.

In long narrow hallways, small patterns located at the four corners look good. If the room is square in shape, it will be better to place the drawing in two opposite corners.

For small hallways, an image located in the center is suitable. Patterns around the perimeter reduce the volume, so they are best used in large rooms. There they will complete the design. For photo printing, a matte canvas is most often chosen, since the reflection and glare on the gloss make it difficult to consider the details of the composition.

Two-level stretch ceilings in the corridor: photos of various solutions

Constructions with plasterboard boxes can be either rectangular or any original shape. It is believed that ceilings look best in which the distance between levels is no more than 10 cm. Each level is emphasized with a separate backlight. This is how volumetric compositions are created, complemented by wall decoration or furniture decor.


Luminous ceilings that appeared not so long ago look unusual. They are made from a translucent film, behind which is lighting (diode tapes or lamps). The canvas gently diffuses the light, creating a pleasant atmosphere. The photography looks good here. The starry sky, outer space, the water column through which the sun breaks — such scenes look very realistic.


Tension coating does not have to be stretched over the entire plane. It can be made as an insert in a drywall box. At the same time, their colors can match or contrast. If you make a single-level box with perforations, then the coating will beautifully shine through it.

Lighting in the corridor with a stretch ceiling: photos of possible options

Chandeliers or ceiling lights serve as the main lighting. In square hallways, the emphasis is on the chandelier and supported by additional light sources. Carob chandeliers are not suitable for gloss — they reflect upward light. It is better to choose a cover of a closed type. There are no such restrictions for matte and satin types.

Auxiliary lighting is represented by spotlights, flat panels and LED strips. In an elongated hallway, spotlights arranged in one line, in a checkerboard pattern or in the form of a pattern look appropriate.

The main lighting in a narrow corridor with stretch ceilings can be completely replaced by lighting. The main thing here is to distribute it evenly so that there are no dark spots in the room. The LED strip can be run around the perimeter of the ceiling plinths. It will give the room depth and volume.


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