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Sometimes you really want the room to be dark during the day. For example, you came from a work shift and intend to sleep. And outside the window, as luck would have it, the sun is shining. Lightproof curtains will help solve the problem. In this article, we will try to explain in simple terms what it is — blackout, how to choose a fabric and not make a mistake.

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All about blackout curtains

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What is a blackout

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So, what does «blackout curtains» mean? From English, the second word can be translated as «blackout». This is a special type of fabric that does not let light through. The light absorption coefficient reaches 90-100%. Layering allows you to achieve this effect. Usually, this material consists of three layers.

  1. Light — reflective. For curtains, this is the wrong side, which «looks» out the window.
  2. The black polyester thread, intertwined in a special way, is the inner layer. It is he who absorbs the light.
  3. The front, decorative layer facing the inside of the room. Can be anyone.

To improve the properties, acrylic foam is applied to the individual layers. It provides opacity. Also, the material is treated with special fire retardant impregnations, dirt and dust protection compounds.

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Fabric characteristics

This is a modern material that has a number of advantages.

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  • Wear resistance. The canvas is resistant to damage, can serve for many years without losing its attractive appearance.
  • Almost unaffected by sunlight. This means it won’t burn out.
  • Practically does not wrinkle, holds its shape well, drapes easily.
  • Does not shed, does not deform during washing, if you follow the recommendations.
  • In addition to protecting against sunlight, such a canvas also perfectly absorbs sounds — muffles the noise from the street. It will also help keep the room warm, block the way to drafts.

Blackout fabric types

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Until recently, there was an opinion that light-tight curtains must be dark. This is not true. Technologies allow you to create the front layer of any color, even white, plain or with a pattern. The same goes for invoices. These are the main types of tissue.

  • Matte. Dense, uniform, without gloss. Can be patterned or plain.
  • Gunny. Heavy, durable, rough, textured, a bit like burlap. Differs in rather large interlacing of threads.
  • Linen. An artificial material, thanks to a special weave of threads, imitating the texture of natural linen.
  • Blackout shine. Thanks to the addition of satin thread, the front side is smooth and shiny. Due to this, the curtains look less heavy.
  • Jacquard. Dense, velvety, with a large, convex pattern. Elegant, decorate the room and add luxury.

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Types of blackout curtains


Straight curtains of different styles will be organic in any interior.

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Jacquard and with a satin sheen are appropriate in the classics, matte or gunny — in modern projects, linen — for eco-style interiors. Since the material does not wrinkle, drapes well and forms beautiful folds, curtains look elegant and elegant. There is only one drawback — the choice of such fabric is still limited. If there is no suitable color or pattern, you can take the usual dense material, and use the opaque material as a lining. True, this option will be quite expensive.


They differ in lifting design. When opened, the canvas rises in even folds.

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Such curtains are often used by designers in their projects. Roman curtains have significant advantages: they are compact, do not take up much space, and are suitable for small rooms; they are easy to care for, they accumulate less dust and dirt; universal — can be «embedded» in any interior.

Often they are combined with curtains, curtains or tulle. Day-night models are also popular — this is a two-layer curtain, which consists of tulle fabric and a denser material. During the day, you can leave only tulle on the window, and lift the thick canvas. In the evening — lower the dense fabric.

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Even more minimalistic than the Roman ones. Although they are similar in design. This is also a lifting option; when opened, the fabric is wound around the bar.

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It is convenient to use such curtains not only in living rooms, but also in the “working” space: in the kitchen, in the hallway, in the office or in the bathroom. When there is no sun, roller shutters can be raised, and they will become almost invisible. If this solution seems too “office” to you, make friends with a roller blind with a regular or light tulle.

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Who needs a blackout

Such curtains are most often hung in the bedroom. And this is understandable: a good way to improve the quality of sleep and prolong it. But some can easily do without blackout curtains.

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When are they really needed??

  • If the bedroom windows face east or southeast. From sunrise until about noon, direct rays of the sun fall here. And if in winter this problem is not so great, then in summer the sun rises early, and few people are ready to wake up with it.
  • If you are working from home. Home offices, for obvious reasons, have become commonplace in recent years. Many have switched to remote work. Most people spend their day at the computer. Lightproof curtains will help create a comfortable environment. Especially in summer. The sun will not be reflected in the monitor, and the room will remain cool.
  • If you work in shifts. Doctors, employees of industrial enterprises, drivers, trade workers, security guards and dispatchers — there are professions that involve working at night. And sleep in this case falls on the daylight hours. This is where blackout comes to the rescue.
  • If there is an interfering source of artificial lighting opposite the windows: a lantern, a bright sign, a billboard or a spotlight. Lightproof canvas stops not only natural, but also artificial light.
  • Do you like to watch movies with a projector. Blackout will create a cinematic feel.
  • You have a small child and want to provide him with a restful daytime sleep.

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How to care for curtains

We have already said that this fabric is unpretentious, wear-resistant, does not shed, does not fade and almost does not wrinkle. But all this is true under certain conditions.

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Of course, curtains need to be regularly cleaned of dust and dirt. It is important to know how to wash blackout curtains. And you can wash them both by hand and in the machine. Before doing this, read the manufacturer’s recommendations on the label.

Typically, products made from such fabrics are recommended to be washed at a temperature not exceeding 40 ° C. It is better to choose a program for wool or delicate materials. Detergent — liquid or gel. Powder particles can damage the reflective coating. If the curtains have a metallic coating, they can only be washed by hand. If you have colored curtains and you are worried about the safety of the paint, you can test on a small fragment: apply the product, wait a bit and rinse.

Be sure to remove the holders before washing. If the curtains have collected a lot of dust, they are advised to pre-vacuum them with a special nozzle.

Automatic spin should be set to the minimum number of revolutions, or completely turned off and squeezed lightly with your hands. Washed curtains are best dried in the bathroom, in an upright position. And when the water drains, hang it on the eaves, so they will straighten out under their own weight and will not wrinkle. Another note: it is advised to dry in the shade, avoiding direct sunlight. If the curtains are still wrinkled, treat them with a steam generator or go through an iron at a low temperature through gauze or a thin cloth.

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How to choose blackout curtains

The purchase of finished products or material for their tailoring should be taken seriously. Otherwise, there is a risk of spending a fairly substantial amount and not getting the desired effect.

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Here are some tips to help you avoid mistakes.

  1. Look at the cut of the material — black threads should be visible there. The same polyester fibers that we have already talked about and which absorb light.
  2. Pay attention to the wrong side of the curtain. It should be light or metallic. This is a reflective layer.
  3. Checking the fabric for light transmission is easy. Just turn on the flashlight on your smartphone or take a separate flashlight and point it at the material. Light should not pass through a real blackout.
  4. In the case of blackout curtains, it is especially important to choose the size of the canvas. If they are too narrow or short, gaps will remain and light will enter. This means that the entire effect of dimming will be lost. Ideally, the curtain should go on the wall, outside the window opening. And in length — touch the floor or even lie on it. If we are talking about roller blinds, it is better to choose a model that is mounted directly in the plane of the window, fits snugly against the glass, thanks to the guides it does not deviate even when the sash is open.

Too dark? Try Dimout

The majority of people have never come across the concept of dimout. But dimout can be a worthy alternative.

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Dimout is a opaque fabric, also three-layered. It is also based on black polyester thread. But there is no reflective layer on the wrong side. The light absorption coefficient of this material is significantly lower: from about 60 to 90%. That is, during the day the light will still enter the room, diffused and muffled. This is an option for those who do not need complete darkness. Dimout can also be washed by hand and in a typewriter. It is wear resistant. It is also lighter and softer. Yes, and the price of this material is lower.

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