Before and after: 7 beautiful bedroom transformations


one From a featureless bedroom to a stylish and modern one

Initially, this bedroom looked dull and gray, and the main importance in the interior was given to functionality — that is, a comfortable bed. There were no accessories at all, which made the room look featureless. After the alteration, they changed not only the palette, but also added a lot of wall decor in the Scandinavian spirit. The result is a cozy and stylish interior, the mood of which can be changed at any time.

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2 From a gloomy interior to a bright and airy one

If you compare the photos before and after the alteration, it’s hard to believe that this is the same bedroom. The dark, stuffy and pattern-laden space has turned into a bright, sun-drenched room. The main role in this was played by the color scheme: white, beige and other light shades added air and created a relaxing atmosphere. Monochromatic textiles look harmonious and at the same time spectacular thanks to a variety of textures.

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3 From «grandmother’s» interior to stylish scandi

This bedroom in Khrushchev can not boast of large sizes. However, the owners managed to find in a small room a place not only for an adult, but also for a children’s bed. At the same time, the interior did not seem cramped, since the laconic Scandinavian style without unnecessary details and a light palette were taken as the basis. Thanks to this, the bedroom, modest in size, looks quite spacious. And bright textiles were used as accents.

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four From an overly bright room to a cozy one

Before the transformation, the interior looked too bright because of the rich blue walls. This is not the best color scheme for the bedroom, as the decor suggests maximum relaxation. An excess of blue puts pressure on the psyche and can cause blues. After the remodeling, the bedroom began to look much calmer and more comfortable: neutral gray walls are in harmony with the warm brown tint of furniture and textiles.

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5 From bare walls to bright space

Initially, the room looked unattractive: the finishing materials did not fit together and did not reflect the individuality of the space. After the repair, the bedroom was completely transformed: the walls and ceiling were made light, they put in a wide comfortable bed, and picked up textiles to match the overall range. Thanks to the right shades and light fabrics, a small dark room has visually become twice as spacious.

6 From a dead bedroom to a beautiful and harmonious one

Before the makeover, the bedroom had been a cramped space with old furniture and a pile of clothes on a rail. There was no talk of any harmonious design. For the updated interior, a warm brown-beige palette was chosen. Thanks to this, the room began to look restrained and at the same time cozy. The necessary contrast is created by a dark wardrobe and some textile elements.

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7 From outdated classics to a bedroom with loft accents

Although the interior before the alteration was decorated quite interestingly, such a style already looked out of date. The new reading of this bedroom looks fresher and more stylish. The warm palette was diluted with cold gray-blue tones, the wall behind the headboard was made accent and designed in the form of an aged coating. Loft-style accents add zest to the interior: dark pendant lamps and a floor mirror in a contrasting frame.


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