Before and after: 5 stunning hallway transformations


one From a cluttered interior to a functional one

Initially, the interior of this hallway was designed without attention to detail: budget finishes and no decor. In the process of alteration, the owners changed both the color scheme and the filling of the corridor. So, for example, two old entrance doors were removed, one of which opened inconveniently inward and prevented the full use of the wall. Instead, they put one new one, which opens outward and thereby frees up space. For a small space, they chose a refreshing combination of dark blue walls and white details. A functional laundry room and a wardrobe were arranged in a narrow nook.

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2 From a killed micro-hallway to a beautiful and tidy one

Before the alteration, this hallway was a dilapidated space without decoration. After the repair, she began to look neat and beautiful. Despite the modest footage, the owners managed to accommodate everything you need and even find a place for a pram. A calm gray and white color scheme is just what you need for a tiny hallway so that it does not look overloaded. A large mirror and good lighting visually expand the space.

3 From grandmother’s repair to modern scandi

This hallway is located in a small Khrushchev. Despite the small area, the hostess was not afraid to use bright wallpaper with a contrasting geometric print. There is not much furniture in the hallway: only the bare necessities, including a bench-house for cats. The bet is made on open storage: a rail is installed instead of a closet, and hangers for clothes and bags are on the wall. Shoes are stored in a closed shoe rack, accessories are on a shelf above the hangers. A large black-framed mirror hangs near the entrance to the room, doubling the amount of light in the small space.

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four From empty space to a laconic hallway

In this apartment, the hallway before the renovation was completely empty — only decoration and an open hanger. After the alteration, a spacious built-in wardrobe with mirrored facades was installed along one wall. Reflection visually enlarges the space and hides the real volumes of the overall structure. The main storage system is closed, so there is no visual noise and a sense of disorder in the entrance area. There are only a few hooks for bags and outerwear on the wall, opposite the closet there is a convenient bench for changing clothes.

5 From an outdated renovation to a bright room

This hallway definitely needed a makeover: outdated finishes, old interior doors and a lot of things. The new interior is radically different from the previous one. The entrance hall turned out to be bright and stylish: an emerald front door was installed, the floor was laid out with hexagonal tiles and an engineered board, and light-colored furniture was added. Mirrored surfaces — a traditional technique for small spaces — visually make the entrance area more airy and spacious.

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    Bookmark: 7 new and incredibly stylish designer hallways


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