Before and after: 5 kitchens that designers have transformed


one From a dark kitchen to a bright space with bright accents

Designer Anna Shimanova designed an apartment for a young family in a panel building. Before the renovation, the kitchen was a model interior of the 2000s. Decorative brown brick, dark wood-look furniture, matching tiles, beige walls.

The space has been transformed since the renovation. The interior has become brighter due to the white walls. More characteristic — with the help of tiles with a pattern and bright color accents in the form of a headset and decor. And more interesting! There are many details here that I would like to point out. For example, a gray ceiling, not white, which made it possible to visually raise its height. And the color combination of the lower cabinets is a headset and a wall lamp next to the sideboard opposite. And also pay attention to the fact that the brick trim was preserved here, but it was painted. In white, it looks unobtrusive and appropriate, it adds texture.

2 From the old to the new and with a special mood

This Stalinka was inherited by the new owner. His grandfather lived here. The condition of the apartment was not very good, it needed renovation. Designer Larisa Topova transformed this space and gave it its own character. Modern style, country, a little grunge are mixed here. In the kitchen, the set is just in a modern style with a touch of country music, just look at the hood. Appliances have been selected appropriately. Tiles on the floor and backsplash have an aged effect, which also hints at the country style. But the dining group is quite modern.

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3 From ordinary to stylish

Anastasia Zarkua designed this apartment for a girl. Initially, there was a renovation from the developer. In the kitchen, combined with the living room, against the backdrop of light walls, a dark wood suite and a free-standing refrigerator were installed. On the floor is carpet. Today it is a bright space with gray cold walls (the right shade increases the space), a light suite, which is divided into a cooking and storage area (high built-in columns) and due to this it does not clutter up the space. Wood-effect quartz vinyl is laid on the floor, and large-format porcelain stoneware adorns the wall, which goes well with the kitchen worktop and the semi-bar table that serves as a dining room.

four From old to updated and bright, but with history

This project by Sveta Pakhomova — an apartment in Yekaterinburg for two spouses — is filled with nostalgia, memorabilia of the owners and … color. The kitchen is decorated in a marsala shade. It’s amazing how well this rich shade looks in a fairly small room. It does not steal space and does not “press”, but on the contrary, evokes associations and awakens appetite. The kitchen set was chosen from IKEA — the hostess wanted it that way, and the dining group consists of a vintage table and chairs. An additional desired mood is added by decor — a poster «My Moscow» and an etching in 1968.

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5 From a “tired” interior to a stylish and bright one

The project of Milena Yanichkina — an apartment in a socket — is another bright transformation. Before the renovation, the kitchen was almost empty. On the walls — beige wallpaper. The floor is linoleum. And the apron is made in rectangular brown tiles.

For the updated interior, the designer also chose light colors. The walls are painted in beige shades. The kitchen set is also beige. So is the upholstery of the chairs, and the table is made of light wood. But this is the “correct” beige, which makes the interior lighter and more spacious. In addition, textures play a role. Marble is on the floor. Stone — on the countertop and apron. Textured upholstery fabric of chairs and translucent — curtains.


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