Bedroom-living room design: zoning ideas and photos of real examples


Despite the fact that the European approach with a common space and an isolated bed is now in trend, not all layouts allow this. For example, a studio, a odnushka with a separate kitchen, or a dvushka where you need to allocate a room for children. In this article, we share ideas on how to plan a functional interior design for a bedroom-living room in which it will be comfortable to live.

Design Tips

What to consider
Layout options
— Standard
— elongated
– Reiki
— glass screen
— Rack
— Podium
— Textile
Project examples
– Modern style and IKEA
— Bright interior for a girl
— Hall, bedroom and workplace
— Scandi and many storage systems

What to consider

Combining a private and public area is not as easy as, for example, a hall and a kitchen.

Instagram @simpleformsinteriors

When planning a bedroom-living room in an apartment, consider a few important points.

  • Sleeping place. The most burning question is a folding sofa or a bed? If the footage allows, the choice is obvious. If the double does not fit, you can replace it with a lorry. And to save space — put it by the window, build it into a niche, hide it in a closet (it happens!).
  • Insulation. The main problem of combining the hall with the bedroom is how to isolate the latter so that no one interferes with sleep. If one person lives in an apartment, everything is simple. But for a couple or a family with children, the issue is much more acute. Light zoning with color is no longer suitable — even at the design stage, it is important to think about how to ensure privacy and, if possible, soundproofing.
  • Zoning. This point follows from the previous one. How the space will be divided into zones and what will separate them depends on the composition of the family, the shape and footage of the room. If you got a narrow room with one window, you will have to refuse deaf walls and partitions. But in a square room with several windows, it will be possible to almost completely isolate the sleeping area.

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Layout options

Consider what the layout of an apartment with a living room-bedroom can be.

standard room

If you got a room of the correct shape (square or wide rectangle), it is better to select the zones according to the main-secondary principle. Isolate the sleeping area with partitions, a drywall wall, or glass screens with a sliding door.

This is a typical Khrushchev, in which ...
Instagram @honeyhouse74

This is a typical Khrushchev building, in which it is forbidden to combine a gasified kitchen with a living space. Therefore, a living room was organized in the room, and the bed was placed in a compact niche according to the size of the bed.
One person lives in the apartment, so no additional insulation was done. If in the future such a need arises, you can separate the recreation area from the hall with a light partition or curtain.

You can place the bed on the podium or build it into a niche. Sometimes in the original layout there is a small room next to the main one, which was conceived as a wardrobe or pantry. These few square meters can be attached to a room and built into a sleeping place. In this case, a wardrobe is taken out either into the hall or into the corridor.

elongated room

Despite the fact that the “wagon” is considered an unsuccessful form, it is easier to work with it if you need to combine two, and sometimes three functional zones in one room.

In the photo - a plan of the hall and bedroom in o ...
Instagram @efimova_designer_online

In the photo — a plan of the hall and bedroom in one room, when the room is elongated. We see a classic arrangement: at the entrance there is a sofa and TV group, as well as a built-in wardrobe across the entire width of the wall. Further, a seating area was separated by a partition, and there was enough space for a small table by the window. It can be used as a dressing table or as a workplace — depending on the needs of the owners.

The principle is very simple: the zones are placed sequentially, the public part is closer to the entrance, the private part is as far as possible. Standard location:

  • Living room.
  • Workplace or storage system.
  • Sleeping place.

In most cases, it will be possible to find a place for a full-fledged bed. Depending on the length of the short wall, it can be placed parallel to the window or headboard to it. Be sure to separate the private zone. If you have a bedroom-living room with a balcony, it is advisable to insulate the loggia and use it as an additional usable area — for example, place a storage system or workplace there.

If the only window is located at the end, choose light partitions that do not block the light: slats, glass screens, plasterboard walls half the height of the room. If there is enough natural light, you can fence off the bed with a solid partition, a massive rack, or make a false wall.

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Regardless of the shape of the room, the bedroom-living room (photo below) needs to be zoned somehow.

Instagram @atmosphera_interiors

Consider the best options.


This is the easiest and most popular option. Slatted partitions are good because they simultaneously provide enough privacy and do not clutter up the space. You can choose any width of the rails and the distance between them. Most often they are made of wood, MDF or plastic. You can paint them in a contrasting color or vice versa to match the finish so that they do not attract attention.

glass screen

The main advantage of glass dividers is transparency. At the same time, they can close the bed from two or three sides, thus making a mini-bedroom. If you need extra privacy, hang curtains on the inside that you can close at any time for privacy.

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Another simple and mobile option is a shelving unit. It does not require installation, at any time it can be moved or removed altogether. It is also an additional storage system — especially important in small apartments.


Zoning is not only vertical, but also horizontal. For example, you can highlight a private area by placing it on the podium. First, a visual boundary is immediately drawn. Secondly, in the podium itself, you can organize spacious drawers for bed linen, seasonal clothes, sports equipment and any other things. Additionally, you can make a cornice above the sleeping area and hang curtains that can be drawn for the rest.


If static partitions are not for you, use the most ordinary thick curtains. They can be combined with other zoning tools (such as a glass screen) or limited to them alone. Of course, they will not give good sound insulation, but they will not clutter up the space, and you can isolate yourself with one movement of your hand.

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Project examples

We show photos of real rooms where the living room and bedroom are combined.

Modern style and IKEA

Design: Aigul Sultanova. Photo: Roman Spiridonov

In this project, the designer worked with a single room, where the kitchen is isolated. A small dressing room was organized in the corridor, so there was no need to look for a place for a wardrobe in the living room. But three zones were placed here at once:

  • Lounge with TV and soft band.
  • Private area with a full bed.
  • Workplace.

In order not to block the light from a single window, the designer made a low solid partition on one side and light slats on the other. As a result, a small passage remains between them, and the private part turned out to be quite isolated. On the left, a desktop with a chair was placed, on the right — a bed with a headboard to the partition. Due to the fact that the separator is opaque and with mirror inserts, at the entrance it is not even visible that a sleeping place is hidden by the window.

  • Bed, storage systems and decor: we decorate the interior of the bedroom with the help of IKEA


    Bed, storage systems and decor: we decorate the interior of the bedroom with the help of IKEA

Bright interior for a girl

And here is an example of a completely isolated recreation area.

Instagram @tyt_prodesign

The designer designed the interior for the girl in romantic pastel colors with dark blue accents. As in the first project, here they worked with an elongated «pencil case», which was divided into two equal parts. Closer to the entrance is a soft group with a coffee table. Further, behind the sliding translucent panels, there is a secluded private area.

We managed to find a place for two storage systems: a large built-in wardrobe on the right wall (it merges with the finish and is almost invisible) and a spacious chest of drawers opposite the bed.

Hall, bedroom and workplace

This interior combined three functions at once: there was a place for a common space, and for a private, and for a home mini-study.

Instagram @valuevavs

The space is decorated in a modern style, neutral colors were chosen for decoration: white, beige, light brown.

The zoning is interesting. They didn’t just install wooden slats, but they also went to the ceiling, thereby visually highlighting a separate area. A little space was taken away for the bed by the window — the main area is occupied by the living room. A desktop with shelves and an organizer on the wall for additional storage was placed against the wall at the entrance.

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Scandi and many storage systems

Europeans also face the problem of overlap.

Instagram @kaksinyksiossa

For example, in the photo below — a one-room apartment in Finland, where a small kitchen is located separately, and in the common space it was necessary to find a place for everything else.

The layout here turned out to be non-standard:

  • A dining room was placed by the window, since there is an exit from the kitchen.
  • The bed is against the far wall, it was separated from the hallway by a wall. The result is a niche.
  • In the center of the room is a large sofa group with TV.

The design turned out to be simple, Scandinavian practical. The most interesting thing here is the number and variety of storage systems. There is:

  • Two complex compound systems with spacious drawers.
  • Vintage bookcase and open shelves in the dining room.
  • Wooden boxes under the bed.
  • The original solution is a small hanger at the foot.

The wardrobe was taken out into the hallway.


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