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The residential attic has many attractions. Here you can take a break from the traditional rectangular space and fully experience the romance of a heavenly dwelling. That’s just to equip a room under the roof, as a rule, is more difficult than a room with vertical walls. And this applies not only to its decoration, but also to the purchase of furniture.

In the attic rooms, it would seem that it is not difficult to find a place to store things. For example, if you install horizontal beams and hem the ceiling to them, you can get roomy mezzanines. True, most likely, they will become a warehouse of forgotten items: it is very inconvenient to climb up a stepladder for the right thing on the treasured shelf. Obviously, you can’t do without a closet. BUTin order not to clutter up the interior with unnecessary elements, it is best to make it built-in. That’s just a cabinet of traditional design is not always suitable for an attic.

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1. The bevelled corner reduces the capacity of the rack or cabinet, but makes the design more elegant.
2. Each Mr.Doors roof door is equipped with two ball-bearing support roller carriages, as well as upper rollers with plain bearings and rubber rims.
3. The pentagonal attic door can be used as a room divider.

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4, 5. Behind unusual facades lies the usual functional content drawers, hangers, shelves

When walls don’t help

The specificity of the premises located under the roof is that they have at least one inclined wall-ceiling. There can be two or even three such walls (in a house with a hip roof). But since the attic area is usually divided by partitions into small rooms, the latter have at least one «normal» wall. — vertical and rectangular. It is near it that it is easiest to mount a built-in wardrobe — then it will not be necessary to turn to non-standard design solutions. You only need to look for large sliding doors (after all, the ceiling height here is often higher than 3m). This is necessary to compensate for the loss of volume close to the roof slope. ToFortunately, today furniture companies make custom-made doors up to 3m. VIn extreme cases, the space above the cabinet can be sewn up with panels. True, this will mean the loss of part of the interior space of the room.

Another variant — fence off the place where the inclined wall adjoins the floor. But such a cabinet will turn out to be low, and the shelves in it will be of different depths: too small at the top (where access to them is most convenient) and redundant at the bottom. Drawers in the lower compartments of the cabinet can partly compensate for this drawback.

Sharp corner

Most attic rooms have two end walls with oblique corners (top and bottom). If windows and doors do not interfere, then along one of them most often they build a wardrobe. Sometimes indirect corners are simply cut off with furniture panels (triangular cells are closed with blank panels or hinged doors) — this allows you to install a cabinet of standard elements in the resulting “correct” niche.

But there are technical solutions that help to make storage places as voluminous and convenient as possible. Some companies, such as Mr.Doors, Kardinal, Komandor, are able to produce sliding doors with oblique angles. For example, Mr.Doors produces a line of special attic doors that are compatible with conventional rectangular doors of the Noteborn 34 series. Such sliding structures with a frame made of lightweight and durable aluminum profiles can be four- and pentagonal, with the upper angle varying from 30 to 60, which means that the model is suitable for almost any attic. Note that pentagonal doors in combination with ordinary rectangular ones can be used not only as a door for a wardrobe, but also as an interior partition in rooms with a hemmed at a height of 2.3-3m horizontal ceiling. As for filling the cabinet, it can be formed from ordinary elements — shelves, hung, boxes. However, due to the variable height of the room, the storage system will have to be built in the form of steps.

Expert opinion

Attic wardrobe

Arrangement of non-standard premises is not an easy task, especially when it comes to built-in furniture. The price of the project will consist of the actual cost of components and payment for the work of qualified personnel, even if the latter is included in the price of the final product. ATIn this case, I would like to recommend trusting the specialists of a large contractor company, who will take responsibility for the implementation of all stages of work: from measurement, the importance of which is undeniable here, to design and subsequent qualified assembly. Remember that when working with the arrangement of a complex room, there are no trifles and the quality of execution of each of the stages of the workflow affects the final result.

Pavel Borodulin, Leading Designer of the Marketing Department at Mr.Doors

The editors would like to thank Mr.Doors for their help in preparing the material.

  • Source: Ideas for Your Home Magazine#177


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