Add style: 5 budget tricks that will make the interior more interesting


How to make the interior more stylish and not spend a lot? Told in video

one Decorate an accent wall


A sure way to completely transform a room is to make one of the walls an accent wall. To do this, choose a rich color that will appeal to all residents and will be combined with an existing palette. Then free up the room as much as possible, cover the floors and large furniture with plastic protective film, seal the window and window sill. After that, select 3-4 shades that differ in brightness and undertone from the hardware store and buy them in the smallest volume to make the coloring. Having decided on the color, you can buy paint for the entire wall. A minimum of 1 liter is required for 5 m² of surface, but it is always better to take finishing materials with a small margin, especially if there is a chance that the desired shade may run out in the store.



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2 Hang a large picture or poster

Another way to decorate the walls and make the space more expressive is to hang a picture or a poster. To make such a decor look really impressive, choose large canvases that will be proportional to the massive furniture standing next to it: a sofa, chest of drawers, etc. The color scheme and plot of the image depend on your tastes, but it’s better to give up boring quotes about comfort and motivation and stereotyped reproductions of famous paintings.

Minimalistic images in two or three shades with a simple or abstract plot look most harmonious in the interior. Artistic black and white photographs look laconic and at the same time stylish. You can also print your own work in high resolution at the printing house.

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3 Choose bright textiles

Curtains, carpet, pillow covers, bed linen and a sofa throw are all the same interior accessories as bags and decorations for a person. With them, you can add brightness or rhythm to the space, as well as make the room visually more expensive. Textiles are easy to update, and there are many beautiful budget solutions in stores — this allows you to experiment and try unusual tricks. For example, to transform a neutral light living room in one day, it is enough to replace the basic textiles with a brighter one. Or, conversely, decorate a minimalist bedroom by choosing bedding and curtains in the same color, but with different textures.



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four Add plants


If you carefully study designer interiors, you will notice that they almost always contain living plants. This technique is now very popular due to the trend for naturalness — indoor flowers create a feeling of closeness to nature for those living in megacities. They also complement the space with rich shades of green that fit well into any palette. In addition, plants are significantly cheaper than designer decor, but they look no less impressive. Choose them based on your flower care skills and the conditions in the apartment. And do not forget about proportions: the more spacious the room, the larger the plants should be — and vice versa.



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5 Choose beautiful lamps

Often, fixtures are perceived only as a functional element and they are selected so that they are as inconspicuous as possible. In fact, floor lamps, sconces, chandeliers and table lamps not only add light to the room and make it cozier, but can also become an atmospheric accent themselves. It is not necessary to replace already purchased lamps — you can simply add new ones. For example, highlight a reading nook or interesting decor on the wall.

Start from the style of the interior: vintage and retro lamps will look interesting in the classics, in scandi — with a wooden base, in the loft — neon signs and large incandescent lamps without a lampshade.




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