9 Tiny But Perfectly Organized Walk-in Closets


Where to organize a dressing room

1. In the bedroom

Creating a dressing room in the bedroom is the most logical solution, especially if you have a room of 20 m2. In it, you can separate part of the room with a partition (preferably translucent, so that there is more light) and organize a place to store things in the resulting nook.

Photo: Instagram meiermebel

Please note that in this option we decided to make the most of the space from floor to ceiling. Good idea!

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2. In the pantry

Photo: Instagram remontoren

If the layout of the apartment includes a pantry, it is quite possible to convert it into a dressing room. In this apartment, they did just that — and look how beautiful and stylish it turned out.

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3. Next to the dressing table

Photo: Instagram foryohouse

The mistress of this toilet room proves that the main thing is not space, but skillful organization. Ceiling storage helped make room even for a dressing table!

Illuminated mirror

Illuminated mirror



4. At the ventilation shaft

This dressing room was organized in the corner next to the old ventilation shaft. To hide the ledge, the walls of the shaft were pasted over with mirrored surfaces — they also made the space visually larger and more airy. Another smart move!

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How to organize a dressing room

1. Place things U-shaped

In a small separate dressing room, it is logical to use all the walls to the maximum. This is exactly what the designers propose to do in this room.

Photo: Instagram _knimfa_

You can place things by type: clothes on one side, shoes on the other, chest of drawers with linen at the end. Or evenly distribute them along the height of all walls: on top — seasonal items that are currently not in use, in the middle — clothes and accessories, in drawers lower — linen and socks, below — shoes.

2. Hang things in two rows

Photo: Instagram monicabenavidez

If there are a lot of clothes, it can be hung on hangers in two rows: for example, trunks and dresses are on top, trousers and skirts are on the bottom. It will become easier to navigate things, and they will look neater.

3. Arrange clothes by color

Photo: Instagram flat_furniture

A trick for real perfectionists — clothes sorted by color make it easier to choose the elements of the costume. Plus, the dressing room itself looks beautiful.

4. Make an open storage system

Photo: Instagramgard.by

If there is very little space, we advise you not to buy a ready-made storage system, but to plan it yourself according to your needs. Shelves, drawers, roof rails — analyze how many things you have and where it is best to store them, and then assemble a personal dressing room from these elements.

Bag organizer

Bag organizer



5. Use hooks

Photo: Instagram yana.cmade

It may seem that the hooks on the wall are not the most rational use of the space of a small dressing room. But, if you need to make several sets of clothes for a day (or for different family members), hooks will come in handy.

wooden hooks

wooden hooks



They can also hang necklaces, hats, bags and other items that could not find a place in the storage system.


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