8 unusual ideas for decorating a student’s room


one Bright niche in furniture

The furniture wall into which the workplace is built may be of an unusual shape. For example, a niche in the shape of a house will create a sense of privacy and help you concentrate on the lessons. And if the interior decoration of this niche is in bright colors, it will become an interesting accent and will cheer you up. Calculate the dimensions of the working area so that a computer screen can stand up against the wall, and there is room on the sides for a couple of open shelves.

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2 Photo wallpaper with a thematic pattern

An easy way to make the nursery livelier and brighter is to stick photo wallpapers. Choose a picture based on the age of the student. Fairy-tale characters and bright pictures are suitable for younger children. It is better for an older student to choose wallpapers in neutral colors with a more adult plot. For example, with a vintage world map or a drawing of an airplane, depending on what the teenager is interested in. Under the wallpaper, you can choose matching textiles and themed accessories to make the interior look thoughtful and complete.

3 Bookshelf lighting

An illuminated bookcase adds depth to the space and draws attention to the contents of the shelves. This is an appropriate decoration that creates a mood for study and at the same time motivates you to read more often. Don’t crowd the shelves with books too tightly. Let air remain in the closet, a place for decor. And arrange the books asymmetrically, alternating vertical and horizontal piles.

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four Pop art poster

Many teenagers want to decorate their room with posters of their favorite actors or superheroes. So that such decor does not get tired and looks stylish, choose posters and posters in the style of pop art. They will fit well into a modern interior and will not be too childish. It’s great if the poster echoes in color with other decor in the room: curtains, pouffe, bedding.

5 Useful wall stickers

If a child wants walls with a bright pattern, but parents are not ready to re-paste the wallpaper after a few years, when the pattern gets bored, you can use stickers. They stick to paint and wallpaper, leave no residue, and can be easily removed. Entrust the choice of stickers to the child, he will make the space individual. And these stickers can also be used for educational purposes: for example, by hanging a multiplication table above the desktop, and a world map above the bed.

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6 Building layouts

You can learn famous sights and decorate the room at the same time with the help of models of buildings and monuments. They look original on the windowsill, shelves and desktop. But unlike children’s toys and figurines, this is already quite an adult decor that has every chance of staying in the room forever.

7 Colorful sports area

One of the corners of the nursery should be taken under the sports area so that the child has the opportunity to warm up and take a break from school. And if you zone this space with a bright color and add lighting, you get an interesting interior accent. This technique is also universal — a sports corner will be relevant in the student’s room.

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eight Volumetric map of the world

As a wall decor, you can choose a three-dimensional map of the world. It gives texture to the wall, accentuates the zone of sleep or study. Choose eco-friendly models made of wood or cork — they look more effective than paper and plastic ones.


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