8 trendy solutions for decorating your home office


What fashion trends to use in home office design? Told in video

one natural palette

A bet on naturalness is a bright trend in the design of residential spaces, including home offices. Natural colors look discreet and cozy, they can be used in a variety of interior styles and in any area. Calm natural shades add harmony and tranquility to the workflow and help not to overstrain.

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2 Invoices

Another trend associated with nature and naturalness is natural textures. The more pronounced they are, the better. In the interior of a home office, it is best to use wood and its derivatives. Wood can be incorporated into flooring, countertops and decor. Leather or wicker accessories go well with the material: lamps, planters, etc. As an additional accent, you can use live houseplants.

3 Minimalism

The absence of unnecessary details helps to concentrate on the workflow and generally creates a light and calm atmosphere. For a home office, this is what you need. Use laconic wooden tables or compact hanging tabletops (if there is not enough space), simple chairs and, of course, hidden storage.

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four rounded shapes

Sharp corners were replaced by smooth lines and rounded anthropomorphic outlines. They bring a sense of comfort and relaxation to the interior. In the case of a home office, this is especially important, because it is less pleasant to work in an uncomfortable space. Actual look tables with rounded corners and chairs with sloping armrests and soft seats. You can enhance the impression of smooth lines with the help of decor: for example, lamps with a rounded base or intricately shaped vases.

5 Ergonomics

When arranging a working area in a small apartment, you often have to sacrifice something. In order not to give up what is necessary, use alternative solutions. For example, if there is almost no free space, pick up a compact countertop smaller than the standard size. So you can take an empty corner or a wall between the bed and the window, and ergonomic furniture will help to keep the maximum of useful functions in the interior of a small space.

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6 Functionality

Another long-term trend in the design of the workplace is its maximum functionality. So, for example, a desk can also act as a dining or cosmetic table. This trend also originates from small spaces where you need to use as much multifunctional furniture as possible in order to save usable floor space. For example, a great solution for small spaces is to use the window sill both as a dining area and as a workspace.

7 Smart storage

If you want to design a minimalistic yet ergonomic home office, it is important to think about storage in advance. In order not to litter the countertop, provide the right number of shelves or drawers for papers and other work accessories. Use shelving and hanging shelves, boxes and various desk organizers.

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eight Daylight

Natural light will help enhance the impression of natural textures and materials. Place the table near the window — this way you will create a pleasant diffused lighting of the workplace, which does not harm your eyesight and fills the interior with freshness and naturalness. Do not forget to hang curtains or at least light curtains so that on a sunny day too bright rays do not interfere with work.

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