8 tiny but stylish bedrooms from designers


one A full bedroom behind a wall with a curtain

The glass partition can be only half the wall. This technique was used in the project in the photo. A curtain is used to create complete privacy. Due to the fact that the room has its own window, and only a bed and a dressing table from furniture, the space seems free and spacious — as if there are more than 11 squares. This is facilitated by accent wallpaper with a small pattern on the wall behind the bed. The color scheme, although calm, is original, interspersed with blue and mustard shades.

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2 Bedroom with natural touches in design

This bedroom is slightly larger — 9 square meters. m. However, they placed in it not only a sleeping place for parents, but also a cradle. Initially, the bed was headboard against another wall, but after the addition to the family, it had to be turned around — it turned out no worse. In addition, the room has a spacious closet, which, due to the smooth white facades, does not catch the eye and does not press. A cozy atmosphere in the room is created by natural notes: a gray-beige palette, a wooden cabinet, eucalyptus branches, artistic painting. And the bedroom is hidden behind sliding glass doors.

3 Bright bedroom behind a glass partition

The best solution for a small bedroom is to place it not behind a blank wall, but behind a glass one. That is what they did in this project. At the same time, the partition not only gives a feeling of privacy, but also becomes an aesthetic component of the interior in itself. In order to darken the space during sleep, a thick curtain was hung here. It is blue — he is the leader in a room of 7 square meters. m. The walls are painted with blue paint, and the wall behind the head of the bed is pasted over with colorful wallpaper depicting birds and plants. A small area is no reason to refuse bright solutions!

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four Spacious bedroom of an unusual shape

As a result of redevelopment, an isolated bedroom with an unusual geometry appeared in this small apartment for the hostess. But thanks to this, 8 sq. m there is a place for a bed, a rather large closet with stylish rattan inserts, a secretary and bookshelves. Linen-textured wallpaper on the walls adds warmth to the cozy room. This is the bedroom you want to stay in.

5 Separate sleeping room in the studio

Even in the studio, you can think of a separate area intended only for sleeping. The easiest way out is a partition, but in this case it is not made of glass, but of mirror rails. They create an interesting effect in the room. Behind them is a full-fledged bed with a soft headboard, a bedside table, a small storage system with a place to work or restore beauty. Additionally, it was possible to “deceive” the area due to a full-height mirror insert between the bed and the window. Reflective surfaces, soft palettes and textiles create a sophisticated atmosphere.

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6 Bedroom with an unusual layout

This isolated bedroom is notable for its unusual layout. At the entrance to the room there is a small corridor, the approach to the bed is only through the foot, from the same room there is an exit to the balcony. Entering the bedroom, we see warm brown parquet and vintage striped wallpaper — a noble and discreet combination. Around the corner, a beautifully made bed opens up. The velor headboard of an unusual green shade is complemented by dark green and blue textiles, and white bedding acts as a base. On both sides of the bed there are sockets and lamps, on top there are small storage cabinets — everything for beauty and convenience.

7 Fully insulated bedroom in white

This room is also an example of a full-fledged isolated bedroom. It is only 7.5 squares, therefore, in order to visually make the space larger, it was decorated in white. Walls, furniture, accessories, textiles — everything is light, which creates an amazing feeling of cleanliness, freshness and, of course, spaciousness. The head of the bed «frames» the storage system; this is a great solution for small rooms. Opposite her was a compact workplace with one of the brightest accents — a lemon-colored chair.

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eight Guest bedroom with a window to the next room

The bedroom in the photo is not the main one in the apartment, but the guest one. Despite the modest area (8 sq.m.), the room is isolated by a wall (not a partition), but there is no own window here. This problem was solved in an interesting way: an opening was made under the ceiling into the next room. This was enough to fill the room with natural light. Moreover, they were not afraid to use a dark palette in the bedroom — the bed area seems to be “drowned” in the blue darkness of the night. Looks atmospheric! Of the functional areas, there is also a full-fledged workplace and a spacious closet, complemented by open sections for decoration.


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