8 super cheap interior renovation solutions


How to decorate the interior quickly and on a budget? Told in video

one Make a bouquet of branches

The most common branches that can be found in the country house or in the park will decorate any interior — especially in the style of eco, minimalism, scandi or boho.

This decor goes well with
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This decor goes well with other decorations. Twigs can be collected in a bouquet and put in a laconic vase, put on a chest of drawers or hung.

2 Arrange decor on the shelves in one color

A certain principle of the arrangement of decorations can also change the mood of the interior. For example, to make the space more «clean» and get rid of visual noise, it is enough to remove all the colorful things from open shelves and put objects in the same color scheme there.

If you have storage on the rack...
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If you have a home library on the rack, you can simply turn the books upside down or wrap them in craft paper. In order not to overload the space, dilute the volumes with minimalist decor in white, beige or brown.

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3 hang posters

You can decorate the wall and add bright colors to the interior with the help of the most budgetary items: for example, stylish posters.

You can buy a complete set...
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You can buy a ready-made set (this is convenient — the composition has already been thought out), make it to order or do it yourself. For example, use watercolor sketches instead of photos, create a mood board or wish board. You only need old newspapers or magazines and a frame for the final design.

four Change pillow covers

Decorative covers on small sofa cushions are a simple and, most importantly, inexpensive option for updating the interior. You can choose a pillowcase in an interesting textured fabric, in a bright color or with an active pattern. And tassels and fringes will add a boho mood to the atmosphere.

By the way, pillow covers are not required...
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By the way, pillow covers are optional to buy. They can be made independently by knitting from yarn or macrame. To transform a room, just a couple of new products will be enough.

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5 Arrange bouquets of fresh flowers

Fresh flowers immediately make the house cozier, create an atmosphere of summer and transform the space. In the warm season, there is definitely no shortage of bouquets: you can even collect them yourself outside the city.

It is not necessary to arrange
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It is not necessary to arrange lush flower arrangements around the house — it is enough just to emphasize the natural naturalness that bouquets carry in themselves. For this, a few flowers or even just green leaves are enough for you, which are also often used for decoration.

6 Add houseplants

Indoor flowers also create a light cozy mood in the interior. If you are not ready to update bouquets a couple of times a month, then take a closer look at potted plants. Beginner flower growers are suitable for unpretentious varieties that practically do not need to be looked after.

Plants always win
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Plants always look advantageous in a group, so it is better to purchase several at once. Let at first it will be two or three flowers in the same style pots. Later you will be able to replenish your collection with new plants.

7 weave macrame

You can weave a small macrame decoration yourself without spending money on it at all. It is also possible that such products were lying around on your mezzanine or in your dacha (in Soviet times, knitted items were very popular) — then it’s time to give them a second life.

This decor is typical for style...
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This decor is typical for boho, eco, country or scandi styles. But it will look great in any interior, adding natural charm and comfort to it.

eight Use retro dishes

Old Soviet dishes can be found in almost any home. A beautiful set or even one tea pair will already decorate the kitchen.

To add a screw to the interior
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To add a vintage feel to your interior, place your dishes in a prominent place: on open shelves, in a sideboard with transparent doors, or directly on the table. This is an easy way to transform a space without any investment at all.

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