8 most atmospheric bedrooms from the Scandinavian countries


one Bedroom with natural accents

This Danish bedroom takes dark tones as the basis of the palette and complements them with textured accessories made from natural materials. So, a large wicker chandelier appeared under the ceiling, textured linen linen appeared on the bed, an unpolished nightstand stood next to it, and opposite it was a mirror in a wooden frame. All these light accents stand out beautifully against the dark wallpaper and gray paint on the walls.

2 Bedroom with floral patterns

Sweden loves not only minimalism, but also such romantic spaces full of small details as this bedroom. Here, botanical patterns on wallpaper, upholstery and bed linen are combined very aesthetically. There are flowers in a vase nearby — the best interior accessory for such a space. The romantic theme is supported by an elegant bedside table with thin legs and a vintage wall lamp.

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3 A bedroom where accessories change

This Swedish bedroom looks simple and concise, as it is decorated at the junction of minimalism and scandi — a trendy combination in the Nordic countries. But such an interior cannot simply be created and then not changed for years — over time it will get boring. To prevent this from happening, it is enough to sometimes update the details, as the owners of this bedroom do: a garland appears and disappears on the wall, the poster is replaced with a wreath, the carpet is laid in front of the bed. Such replacements do not require much time and money, because accessories can be distributed in different rooms, creating a feeling of novelty every time.

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four Airy bedroom in light shades

Another bedroom from Finland, but this time in white and beige. It uses win-win tricks that have already become traditional in the Scandinavian countries:

  • Dark details. A lamp, a candlestick, frames for posters, bedding — the eye clings to these contrasts, and you want to look at the interior.
  • Various textiles. The bed occupies almost the entire area of ​​the room, it is decorated with textured linens. The black-and-white set is complemented by a light-colored bedspread, on top of which there are pillows of different shades and a large-knit cream plaid.

  • Mirrors on the floor and on the wall. They expand the space, make it light and airy.

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5 Bedroom with black wall

This Finnish bedroom proves once again that modern Scandinavian style is not afraid of dark shades as a base. The black matte wall behind the headboard added depth to the room and emphasized the light elements: the bed, storage systems, textiles. Another interesting technique is dark posters above the headboard. They almost merge with the wall, which makes the image stand out brighter.

6 Bedroom in pastel colors

Another bedroom from Denmark, but completely different in style. Cool white, blue and light yellow make it light and airy, and accent decor — bright. Posters in pink and purple tones, unusually shaped red lamps above the headboard, a large plant in the corner — all this adds interesting details to the interior. A spectacular and at the same time functional reception — the entire wall opposite the bed is occupied by a long work table for two. If desired, it can be separated from the sleeping area with a light light curtain to distract from work and relax.

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7 Bedroom with an accent painting on the wall

This bedroom from Norway is decorated in a dark color scheme — an unusual solution for a Scandinavian country where there are many cloudy days. But the space still came out cozy and atmospheric. Heat is added by a large paper chandelier above the bed, spotlights in the corners of the room and a beautifully illuminated large painting in golden tones.

eight Sloped ceiling bedroom

Another Norwegian bedroom, this time with complex geometry. The sloping ceiling makes any room visually smaller, but here the owners were able to achieve a cozy atmosphere. For this, several methods were used at once:

  • The ceiling was painted white, the walls a light grey. We chose a beautiful navy blue for the bed. This color combination made the room visually deeper and slightly raised the ceiling.
  • They hung the decor on the walls on the sides of the bed. Now the focus is on him, and not on the lowest part of the room.
  • We used colorful textiles with different patterns to make the bed look more interesting and also look away from the slope of the ceiling.

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