7 wow ideas for decorating open shelving and shelves


What techniques in decorating open shelves will transform your interior? Told in video

one Backlight

Sometimes the shelves, on which they made up a beautiful and harmonious composition of decor, still do not look as impressive as we would like. The most common reason is lack of lighting. Fix the LEDs on the bottom surface of the shelves, and the whole composition will immediately play brighter and more interesting. Don’t forget to choose the correct glow temperature for the light bulbs. Warm soft light will harmoniously look against the background of walls and accessories of appropriate shades: beige, milky, brown, ocher. Cold light is best used next to pure white, blue, green, gray or pink.

2 Thematic selection

The decor, in which the idea was invested, will always look more interesting than even the most harmonious, but empty composition. Think about what items reflect the atmosphere of your home and arrange them on a shelf or shelving unit. Cameras, wine and plants, a record player and records are the easiest examples to implement. Just remember that there should be no more than one or two semantic centers, otherwise the composition will be too complex and visually heavy.

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3 Sort by colors

Another interesting technique for beautiful open storage is grouping objects by color. You can try a monochrome scheme and, for example, fill a bookcase with white-covered books. Or arrange decor of a certain color on each shelf: red on one, orange on the other, blue on the third. In this case, do not forget to leave free space between objects so that the whole composition does not seem overloaded.

four one item

If a lot of accessories on one surface quickly bothers you, try leaving one, the most interesting item. Take a whole shelf or cell in the rack under it. The main thing is that the space and the object in it are proportionate — a small figure will simply be lost on a long shelf. Such a museum effect is rarely found in apartments, so it looks interesting and unhackneyed.

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5 Checkerboard

Try to arrange items on shelves or on a rack in a checkerboard pattern. Books and plants, elongated vases and low fruit plates, candles and figurines can alternate. This technique sets the rhythm and dynamics, and this always decorates the interior and attracts attention. A small life hack: objects can be alternated with empty space — it looks even more interesting.

6 Covers to the room

Books are usually placed with their spines towards the room so that as many volumes as possible fit on the shelf. But if you have a separate cabinet for your home library, then a couple of shelves can be devoted to a small book exhibition. Pick up publications with beautiful and interesting covers and arrange them parallel to the wall. It will be great if they are all in the same color scheme and united by a common idea.

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7 different textures

A technique that both designers and interior bloggers use to make shelves look more spectacular is a combination of different textures. Place wicker baskets, stacked knitted blankets, glossy vases and frosted candles nearby. Choose items in similar colors and so that they echo the overall style of the interior.

On the cover is a fragment of the interior. Design: Dasha Kossa. Photo: Konstantin Malyuta


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