7 ultra-compact home items that will fit even the smallest apartment


one Pouffe table

Do you like to drink coffee in the living room or are you looking for a nice place to arrange your favorite magazines? Even if the footage is limited, you can put such a compact table in the room, which with one movement transforms into a soft pouf. Perfect for when guests arrive! A versatile item that not only saves space, but also combines two functions at once: a storage surface and another seat.

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2 Compact dishwasher

In a small apartment, it is not so easy to find a place for a built-in dishwasher, which is why it is often abandoned. But if you do not have to wash a lot of dishes or you do not have the habit of hoarding dirty dishes, pay attention to small-sized models: for example, such a desktop machine. It can be placed on any surface: in a drawer under the sink, on a countertop or a wide window sill. The appliance has special modes for washing heavily soiled items and boiling baby bottles, as well as an express program for 15 minutes. Such models, as a rule, have two options for use: connect the machine to communications and automate the supply and pumping of water through the drain hose, or do it manually — then you only need a socket nearby.

3 narrow rack

To fill a small corner and equip it with a convenient storage space, a high rack will help. There are models with a width of 30 centimeters or less: such compact furniture will fit even where there is very little free space. At the same time, the shelving unit is deep and high – thanks to this, there is enough storage space. It will be convenient to arrange books, dishes, toys and any other items in it, thus freeing other horizontal surfaces.

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four Folding table

A compact narrow table that, when folded, can be stored literally outside the door, when disassembled, turns into a full-fledged place for family dinners and tea parties with friends. A great idea for those who like to spend time in the company, but are not ready to allocate space in the kitchen for a large dining group.

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5 Electric stove

Modern urban residents are less and less likely to cook at home, and not everyone needs a large four-burner stove in the kitchen. Of course, in a spacious apartment you can think through all possible scenarios and find a place even for equipment that is rarely used. But if the footage is limited and you do not cook every day for the whole family, the classic stove can be replaced with a small portable model with one or two burners. Its main plus is that when the device is not in use, it can be put away in a closet and free up more space on the countertop. This option is also useful for gasified houses, where it is not possible to put an electric stove. This model does not require additional communications — just an ordinary outlet.

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6 Armchair bed

A small folding chair that does not take up much space and also transforms into a full-fledged bed is the perfect solution for a compact living room or studio apartment. And even a child can cope with a simple mechanism. In addition, the backrest is fixed in different positions, so you can sit comfortably on the chair even in its assembled form. The narrow compact model is a godsend for tiny rooms where a standard sofa bed does not fit. Can be used as a main bed or as an extra bed.

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7 Washing machine

A wall-mounted washing machine is a good solution for those who do not have space for large appliances in their apartment. Thanks to its compact dimensions (65x56x32 cm), it will fit in any, even the smallest bathroom. Such a machine can be hung over the toilet or make a small utility closet in a niche. The drum loading is less than that of a classic washing machine: 3 kilograms versus 6-7 kilograms for a conventional model. But if you do not have the habit of saving laundry or one person lives in the apartment, then the difference will hardly be felt.

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