7 items from IKEA to help clean up the nursery


What items would you like to store in a nursery? Told in video

one Bench with a compartment for toys «Smostad», 8,000 rubles

It is still difficult for preschoolers and primary school students to use adult storage systems, where each item has its own place. They lack the patience and concentration to arrange their things like this. Therefore, simplify their task and get a bench with a pull-out compartment, into which it is easy to throw large toys. You can add dividers inside, and put a pillow on top so that it is comfortable to sit and play on the bench. For a teenager, such a system will also be relevant: he can store sports equipment or items for creativity there.

2 Wall module «Trufast», 3 393 rubles

For smaller items like Lego bricks or drawing crayons, use shallow containers. For example, hang a wall-mounted module on the wall next to a table or play area that accepts lightweight retractable containers. Later, it can be moved to the student’s desk so that the child has a place to put stationery.

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3 Wardrobe «Smostad», 8 894 rubles

Another way to teach children to be independent is to organize a wardrobe of the right size. The height of 123 cm ensures that the child can reach the bar for hangers, hooks and shelves. Just secure the back panel securely to the wall to prevent the cabinet from tipping over.

four Box on wheels «Vesla», 549 rubles

To optimize the storage system in the nursery, use the space under the bed. Under it, you can slide a few light plastic containers on wheels, which the child himself can easily move. The top edge doubles as a handle, making it comfortable to hold. If desired, such a box can also be used to store clothes: lay out sets for different situations so that the baby learns to dress himself.

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5 Set of baskets «Neusem», 499 rubles

For more functional storage in open shelving in the nursery, use bright soft baskets. They create a fun atmosphere and become an element of the game themselves. It will be interesting for children to put toys and various little things inside. Over time, these baskets can be moved to a wardrobe and stored there for various little things like socks and underwear.

6 Hanger «Flisat», 499 rubles

To keep clothes from falling all over the room, use wall hangers — they require less effort from children to maintain order. At the same time, it is important that the hooks themselves are large enough and located at a slight angle — so even carelessly thrown clothes will not fall off them. Hang this hanger by the door or closer to the bed.

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7 Desk organizer «Ovning», 999 rubles

Sort crayons, brushes and felt-tip pens with a soft desk organizer. It has a handle so the child can easily carry their art supplies from one room to another without losing anything. The organizer is finished in neutral gray and has a tablet compartment, so it will be relevant until the end of school.



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