7 interesting ideas for giving and garden that you can do yourself


one Build furniture from pallets

You can make a stylish and budgetary set of garden furniture from ordinary pallets. To do this, treat them with an antiseptic, prime, paint or varnish. Then assemble the necessary furniture from the blanks.

The easiest way is to make a table and di...
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The easiest way is to make a table and a sofa. In the garden, such a rough style looks quite appropriate and goes well with natural motifs. A set of homemade furniture can be supplemented with factory chairs and armchairs. And don’t forget the cozy decor.

2 Plant flowers in buckets

If you plant garden flowers not in open ground, but in a flower pot, you get a convenient portable flower bed. Instead of some pots, regular buckets can be used: they are larger in size and fit well into the surrounding landscape.

Planting plants like this
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By planting plants in this way, you can change their location on the site as you wish. For example, flowers in buckets can decorate a veranda or stairs, put them under a tree. And it’s also very convenient to remove plants from the scorching heat into the shade and, conversely, let them “warm up” a little, exposing them to the sun.

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3 Use a boot instead of a vase

From an ordinary rubber boot, you can make a stylish vase for flowers in the garden. If the shoes are properly cleaned, then they can be put directly on the table. Remember that only a boot without holes and in good condition is suitable for this purpose.

Due to the fact that rubber is not...
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Due to the fact that the rubber does not let water through, the vase will be completely sealed. Such an unexpected solution for decorating bouquets will give new life to shoes without a pair or, for example, boots that have become small.

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four Make a flower bed in a cart

An old wooden or metal cart makes a great base for a country-style flower bed. And you can plant a variety of plants there: from small shrubs to miniature succulents.

Varieties of flowers and their number you ...
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Choose varieties of flowers and their number depending on the size of the trolley itself. The larger it is, the larger plants can be planted there.

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5 Make a flower rack from old boards

Do not rush to throw away old boards and fragments of former furniture. Wood can be reused: for example, by building a flower shelf from boards.

Attach it to the side of the shed if...
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Attach it to the side of the barn if the sun hits this wall, or stand it separately at the back of the garden. Flower pots can be placed on shelves or attached directly to planks (good for climbing plants).

6 Use a metal shield for beds

You can make a beautiful frame for high beds from wood or a metal shield. The second option is more durable and durable: the structure will not rot in a season and will look interesting among the natural landscape.

Use enameled cabbage soup
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Use enamelled shields so that there is less corrosion on them. Do not forget to bend the edges of the iron: they should not be sharp so that you do not accidentally cut yourself while watering or weeding the beds.

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7 Make fabric storage bags

Storage in cloth bags is an eco-friendly and easy way to organize a variety of small things in the house and on the yard. For example, this option is suitable for sorting seeds and fertilizers or storing work gloves.

You can make such pouches...
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Everyone can make such bags: you only need a small piece of material and a thread with a needle. Special sewing skills are not needed for this. In addition, this way you can reuse obsolete things or simply unnecessary pieces of old fabric.

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