7 Finds From AliExpress For Spring Interior Refresh


one Blackout curtains for the living room, 2 659 rubles

In spring, daylight hours begin earlier, and blackout curtains will help prolong sleep in the morning. They will protect from too bright sun and throughout the day: for example, when you need to work or want to watch a series, and the screen reflects. Lightweight curtains in neutral or light shades are great for spring. Botanical or any other «spring» print will also come in handy.



2 Painting on canvas, 650 rubles

A new poster (or a whole series) will help to quickly update the interior, create the right mood in the room and add interesting accents. It remains only to choose a suitable frame or buy a ready-made kit and hang it on the wall. For spring, go for something in natural colors: a shade of fresh green, a deep purple like a spring sunset, or whatever you like. Do not take too colorful drawings — they can tire and quickly get bored. It is better to choose a discreet abstraction or botanical motifs.



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3 Decorative lamp, 3,405 rubles

Stylish minimalist lamp will make the bedroom or living room visually more expensive and at the same time will not overload the space thanks to its simple, almost «weightless» form. New lighting is an easy and effective way to update the interior, add new accents and make the room brighter. Pay attention to multifunctional models: for example, this lamp can be used as a table lamp or hung on the wall.



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four Artificial plant, 180 rubles

The arrival of spring is associated with fresh greenery and the awakening of the outside world. In the apartment, indoor plants are primarily responsible for the natural mood. If you have little free time or no experience in caring for natural flowers, replace them with artificial ones. The main thing is to choose an imitation that looks as natural as possible.



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5 Acrylic vase, 1,322 rubles

Continuing the theme of plants in the house: if you associate spring primarily with flowers and you like to decorate the interior with fresh bouquets, you should also update old vases. They will add bright colors to the interior and become a full-fledged independent decor. Light, transparent and at the same time rich in color — the perfect solution for the spring mood in the house.

1 322


6 Rug with tassels, 1,282 rubles

A small rug of pleasant colors will perfectly fit into the spring interior and add coziness to the room. Lay it next to the bed, sofa group or dining area. Thanks to soft shades, the moderately colorful pattern looks beautiful and not too catchy: just what you need to create a light and airy atmosphere.

1 282


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7 Candle of unusual shape, 278 rubles

Sometimes a small detail is enough to create the right mood: for example, put a beautiful scented candle on a table or shelf. It can be used for its intended purpose, that is, regularly light and fill the room with a pleasant aroma. Or just use it as a cozy decor — then when choosing, focus primarily on a stylish appearance.





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