7 essential items from IKEA for a small dressing area


one Door hanger «Enudden», 299 rubles

This hanger can be attached to the door if you have a separate entrance to the dressing room, or on the wardrobe closet door. Can be hung with hooks outside or inside if you don’t want things to be visible. With its help, vertical space is activated and clothes, bags or accessories are placed. This solution is more convenient than conventional Velcro hooks, as the hanger can withstand more weight. If the door is 4 cm thick, the hanger will sit firmly on it, and you will not have to fix it with additional screws.

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2 Wall hanger «Chusig», 799 rubles

A good way to fill in a tiny empty space on the wall in a walk-in closet is with a vertical hanger with several hooks. Six hooks will accommodate quite a lot of items. And thanks to their oblique arrangement, you will see every item and get it without problems. You can mount several hangers (one above the other), filling the space from floor to ceiling.

3 Vacuum hanging bags «Spantad», 699 rubles

A good solution for seasonal items to take up as little space as possible. It is enough to put them in a bag, connect a vacuum cleaner and pump out the air. As a result, bulky items like jackets and sweaters will take up several times less space.

But there are clothes that cannot be stored like this: leather jackets, items made of natural fur and damaged jackets and down jackets — down can start to crawl out of the holes.

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four Box with compartments «Skubb», 349 rubles

A soft drawer with several small compartments can replace a large empty drawer. When you have compartments, it is much more convenient to fold and sort clothes, you can use the principles of vertical storage and keep everything in sight. Such a box can be placed on the bottom of a cabinet or inserted into a storage module that is placed on a hanger.

5 Storage module «Skubb», 799 rubles

This module is attached with Velcro fasteners to the crossbar in the closet or on the floor hanger. It makes it easy to store clothes in piles. You can also store shoe boxes in it without forcing the floors in the dressing room with them. Another way to make it even more functional is to add divider drawers to stash accessories.

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6 Laundry basket «Brankis», 2 999 rubles

The closed basket can be used to store clothes set aside for washing. Since the basket has a lining, the fabrics will not cling to the tree. You can also put bed linen there so as not to take up space in the wardrobe. Another use is for shoe storage. In this case, for each pair it is worth getting fabric bags.

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7 LED lighting for the cabinet «Ursgult», 1,100 rubles

In small dressing rooms, as a rule, there is no window. And if you have separated part of the bedroom for storing clothes, the light from the chandelier may not reach there. Therefore, it is worth adding lighting with the help of miniature lamps that are easy to attach to any surface: a cabinet or a shelf. With them, you will see where everything is and it will become more convenient to find the right thing.


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