7 easy and quick ways to decorate an empty wall with your own hands


The video lists ideas for decorating the wall with your own hands

one Hang wicker baskets or plates

From wicker baskets or decorative plates, you can make a stylish composition with ethnic notes and decorate the wall in this way. To do this, they will only need to be fixed on the wall, and this is easy to do with your own hands.

Beautiful natural texture
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The beautiful natural texture of wickerwork will emphasize the naturalness of the interior. This decor will organically fit into different styles: scandi, eco, boho and even minimalism. You can choose bright painted products — then the panel will look like an ethnic decor. Or bet on a monochromatic composition to further focus on the texture.

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2 Use interior stickers or painting

If you’re good at drawing, try your hand at art decor. You can start with something simple: for example, use a stencil or just paint an accent wall with geometric shapes. If you do not know how to draw, interior stickers will come to your aid.

Several stylish applications
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A few stylish applications can make a big difference in the interior, and using them is a breeze. The main thing is to avoid overly colorful plots, as they often look cheap and out of date.

3 Arrange a gallery of photos

Photos are the easiest way to decorate a wall in any room. Print some beautiful pictures and design them in the same style. For example, you can choose similar frames or make all photos black and white.

To draw attention to tacos...
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To draw attention to this decor, use lighting. If you have designed a holistic composition from photographs, install a picture lamp on top to make accent lighting.

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four Make a string or string garland

For a simple homemade garland, bundles of thick thread for weaving (for example, macrame) are ideal. Making such a decor is as easy as shelling pears: you just need to cut the threads in certain places and tie them in bunches of the size you need.

You can adjust your own...
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You can adjust the length and density of the garland, its colors and the texture of the threads yourself. Beautiful decor can be made even from simple twine — it will look beautiful and textured on a laconic painted wall. And it is best to complement such a garland with other decorations made from natural materials.

5 Hang hats on the wall

This solution solves two problems at once: with the storage of accessories (in this case, hats) and the decoration of an empty surface. All that is required of you is to attach the hooks or holders to the wall in the desired order.

Hang on inconspicuous holding
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Hang beautiful straw hats or any other collection of accessories you have on discreet holders. It will turn out an unusual, beautiful, and most importantly — functional decor in a boho style.

6 Make a dried flower garland

There are different ways to decorate walls with dried flowers. You can simply collect a beautiful composition and fix it in the form of a bouquet. Another interesting option is to place the plants under glass and make a stylish handmade poster out of them.

If you love natural mot...
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If you like natural motifs and minimalism, arrange a few dried flowers on a thread and hang them, for example, above the bed. You will get a beautiful eco-garland that will perfectly complement a modern interior and will look delicate and very beautiful.

7 hang lanterns

Using an ordinary light garland, you can quickly decorate an empty wall, and the interior will immediately become much more comfortable. These can be standard LEDs or bare light bulbs in a loft style.

The garland can be used for
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The garland can be used as the only decoration on the wall or together with other accessories such as a poster or streamer. Additional lighting will emphasize the geometry of the room, create an interesting play of shadows and volumes. Light bulbs are better to choose monophonic, close to the natural glow. Multi-colored LEDs can look cheap or childish.

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Do you make home decor with your own hands?

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