7 budget decor items from Leroy Merlin that look expensive


one Cushion «Seasons Geometric»

A stylish velvet cushion with a geometric pattern is perfect for a quick update to a living room or bedroom. A pleasant pinkish shade will fit into any color scheme based on neutral tones: gray, beige, brown. The fabric on the cover is similar to velvet, which always looks expensive, but is made of polyester, so it will not be difficult to care for the product: usually synthetic fibers do not wrinkle, and they can be machine washed.



2 Candle in plaster «Ornei»

A candle in a glass in the form of a human face stylized as a sculpture will be a bright addition to the interior. A wide wooden wick instead of a standard rope wick will crackle comfortably when burning. This accessory can be used not only as decoration, but also for subdued illumination of different areas — ideal for a romantic or spa evening. The candle is unscented, so it is perfect for allergy sufferers and for those who prefer to add fragrance to the interior in other ways.



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3 Decorative mirror «Sun»

A small mirror with a dramatic sun frame is a classic Art Deco accessory. But it will also fit into more budgetary styles: for example, modern, boho or Scandinavian. A bright mirror will decorate the wall in the living room and bedroom or complement the interior of the hallway, make the space more elegant and add more light to the room.



four Wall clock «Volume»

Stylish graphic clock in retro style is perfect for the role of a bright accent in the interior. They will add character to a modern space and create the impression of an “interior with history”. At the same time, the accessory does not look cheap, and in combination with other vintage details it will look even more impressive.



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5 Frame «Inspire Liza»

A photo frame is a versatile and at the same time a budget way of decorating. Decorate the interior with a series of family photos that will remind you of loved ones and significant events. Or you can insert beautiful thematic images into such a frame that suit the interior and your mood, and then change them at any time.



6 Vase «Kirkines-1»

In the interior, a vase can be used for its intended purpose — to store freshly cut flowers — or as a beautiful decoration. This model is perfect for both purposes: with its help you can decorate open shelves, a dining area, a coffee table, put it in a sideboard or on a windowsill. Transparent glass is decorated with a three-dimensional pattern and a golden neck — this vase will be good with or without flowers.



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7 Upholstered stool

A stylish little stool perfect for a small hallway, dressing table in the bedroom or sofa area in the living room. A beautiful textile seat upholstered in velor or velvet fabric blends seamlessly with natural wood legs. Together, these two materials together look very noble and are suitable for both simple and more formal interiors.

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