6 unusual styles for decorating a child’s room


Children rapidly grow not only out of clothes, but also out of children’s interiors. That is why parents try to arrange a room for growth, so as not to redo the repair every two years or more often. The most popular styles that are used in children’s rooms are scandi, boho, eco. But if you are tired of the monotonous picture with light walls, macrame and linen pillowcases, we recommend that you take a closer look at the least obvious styles. Perhaps among them you will find a suitable one.

one Minimalism

Minimalist decor in the nursery seems like a fantastic phenomenon. But in fact, minimalism is a very pleasant, calm and soft style of a child’s room. Of course, it is better to do without a cold strict gamut and sharp lines. If you choose soft shades and smooth shapes, minimalism will make the interior spacious and airy. However, the style requires a clear organization of storage and maintenance of order in the room.

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2 Country

Natural materials and textures, which are welcomed by the country, are ideal for the interior of a children’s room. They do not cause allergies, breathe and do not accumulate static electricity. Natural shades look calm and do not irritate the child’s nervous system. In terms of its qualities, country is very similar to eco-style. However, it is more «adult», so it is better suited for children of older and secondary school age.

3 Loft

Perhaps one of the most “anti-childish” interior trends is the loft. However, this does not stop many parents from decorating rooms for children in this brutal and rough style. It looks most advantageous in a teenage space or in a boy’s room. Brick, concrete, iron, an unusual palette and daring details — all this perfectly reflects the rebellious spirit of adolescence. For kids, this style is unlikely to be attractive, except perhaps some of its elements such as lamps or decor.

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four Classic

Due to the rather strict design, the classic style is often used in the interiors of «adult» rooms. However, it is also suitable for children. Despite the fact that this is a very beautiful and aesthetic style, it has a number of disadvantages. It is especially difficult to put up with them in the children’s space. For example, the inclusion of additional details, shades and even toys should always be determined by the overall style of the room. Therefore, it will not be possible to simply take and seat colorful toy animals or dolls on the bed. If you are ready to put up with these features, then you can safely use the classic style.

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5 art deco

An Art Deco interior is quite difficult to create even in an adult space: in addition to the budget, a subtle understanding of the style of the space, the combination of materials and colors is required. In a children’s room, many elements may simply not take root because of their exactingness and fragility. Therefore, you can combine art decor with other styles, for example, with the same classics. It will turn out a very aesthetic and beautiful children’s room. But you should be prepared for the fact that maintaining such an interior in order will require some effort.

6 Contemporary

It is rarely found in children’s contemporary, as this style is more used to decorate bedrooms or living rooms. The elements of the direction are quite restrained, so in the context of the nursery they seem a little boring. But thanks to the variability, this style can be included in any space in the house. For example, in a nursery, you should add an interesting palette or bright decor to contemporary elements. They will remind you of the purpose of the room.

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