6 tricks in the design of the balcony, which designers will refuse


one Attach a balcony to a room

Designer Olga Yegupova recalls the redevelopment rules, in connection with which it is forbidden to attach a balcony and turn it into a living room with heating radiators. “The designer should not do the joining of the loggia without the appropriate permissions. Requires approval. If you need to insulate the loggia, in no case do we install a heating radiator there. In itself, the insulation should not violate the thermal contour of the house, which means that the heat from your loggia should not go into the ceilings and walls, creating the possibility of condensation there. Insulation must be carried out in compliance with the necessary building technologies. At the same time, if the loggia is rather narrow initially, we must remember that insulation will also take place. Perhaps, in some case, it is worth thinking about leaving it cold if there is very little of the usable area, ”says Olga.

2 Change the facade and glazing without permission

It is worth remembering that the balcony (or loggia) is part of the facade. This is often not paid attention to during self-repair, believing that you can put any glazing or decorate the exterior finish to your personal taste. But the designer does not allow this.

3 Be limited to the finish that was used throughout the apartment

Yes, design consistency is an important part. But Tatyana Maslennikova believes that you can experiment on the balcony.

“I would not design the balcony as a “continuation” of the room, in the same materials, colors and decor as the main apartment,” says Tatyana. — Make the balcony unusual, use other materials, bright colors and textures! Put a lot of greenery, throw bright pillows, let the balcony be an outlet and a place of attraction where everyone wants to work or just sit in silence.

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four Making the balcony a place for storage

Despite the fact that the balcony is often used to store things, not all designers are in favor of this technique. In particular, Anastasia Snitsarenko would not turn this area into a place for cabinets.

Anastasia clarifies her recommendations on how best to organize a recreation area or workplace.

Let’s start with the recreation area. “It is imperative to provide a light source with a soft, cozy light that does not irritate the eyes, sockets for charging a laptop and a phone, a comfortable temperature regime, after insulating the loggia and replacing the double-glazed windows with energy-saving ones,” the designer recommends.

As for the office, Anastasia advises organizing it if the balcony is small or if it borders on the bedroom. It’s easier to be alone that way. “The wall between these two rooms can be replaced with a sliding glass partition, which allows more natural light to enter and saves usable space. You should not try to fit everything you want into the office area — only the most necessary and compact, while maintaining the «airiness» of the room, without losing its functionality at the same time. Do not forget about a sufficient number of sockets and a good degree of illumination of the desktop,” the designer advises.

Tatyana Maslennikova agrees that a balcony can be used to a greater advantage than storage space.

5 Buy low sofas for balconies with railings

Olga Yegupova advises when choosing furniture for a balcony, which is supposed to be used as a place of rest, to pay attention to its height. After all, you want to watch the views outside the window, and not rest your eyes on the fence. “Fences or the lower blind part of the glazing are 1 meter and higher in height. And from a sitting position, the review will simply be closed. In such cases, I study the situation, determine an acceptable height at which it is comfortable to sit and look at the landscape, and build a removable podium. It turns out to visually highlight this zone and create a convenient overview. You can also arrange a bar counter with small bar stools. It will not be as soft as on the couch, but it will not be so troublesome in arranging, and the view will definitely not suffer.”

6 Decorate a balcony with a clapboard

And both wood and plastic. “I would exclude the lining of the walls and ceiling with a varnished clapboard, and other conditionally “dacha” techniques. Do you like Provence and country styles? Then it is better to paint the tree in pleasant shades of pastel or white. Plastic lining should also not be used in a modern interior. It is better to hem the ceiling with drywall or plaster,” says Olga Yegupova.


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