6 small kitchens, where they successfully entered the dining area (take note!)


one Bright gray kitchen

The area of ​​​​the room is only five squares, but the owners managed to place everything they need here. The high window sill was extended to the countertop, thus increasing the work surface and placing the sink near the window. The upper tier was abandoned in favor of small open shelves, except for one small area in the corner, where two compact cabinets were hung. Thanks to this technique, the space visually seems lighter and airier. The dining group turned out to be quite roomy — for three. Instead of a standard table, they chose an interesting solution — a folding tabletop that is attached directly to the wall. If desired, it can be lowered, and the chairs can be removed, freeing up space.

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    7 small kitchens that look spacious

2 Scandi kitchen with a table for two

This cozy interior is made in the traditional Scandinavian style for small spaces. The basis is a combination of white color and wood texture. Thanks to this, the room looks brighter and more spacious. The absence of thick curtains also adds airiness to the interior. The dining group — a compact square table with two semicircular chairs — was placed right by the window. Nearby is a corner suite. The furniture was also chosen in light colors, it supports the overall palette of the interior.

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    No more than seven meters: 6 stylish and functional small kitchens from designers

3 Kitchen with table-windowsill and refrigerator

A rare success for tiny kitchens, when both the refrigerator and the dining group can be placed on the same area. This is exactly what happened in this interior: a separate section for a full-fledged tall refrigerator was provided in the headset, and a free window sill was turned into a dining table for two. This decision made it possible to use the usable area to the maximum and place everything necessary even on a small footage so that the residents feel comfortable.

four Kitchen with a parallel layout

Despite the small footage of this room (only 7.5 squares), the owners managed to harmoniously fit here not only a refrigerator and a full-fledged set, but also a place for eating, designed for three or four people. And there is even free space to move around while cooking! The idea was realized thanks to the parallel layout: a linear suite with appliances and a dining group are located along the walls opposite each other.

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    Designers say: 9 universal tips for arranging a small kitchen

5 Six-meter kitchen with a sofa

This small but incredibly functional kitchen is done in a neutral color scheme with an accent yellow tint. Surprisingly, on such a footage, it was possible to find a place not only for a headset, but also to fit a refrigerator. The dining area is represented by a small glass table with a round top and — attention! — sofa. Opposite him is a bright yellow chair, another seat. Thanks to light shades and light transparent furniture, a small room does not look overloaded.

6 Bright minimalist kitchen

This small space is decorated in the best traditions of minimalism, but with Scandinavian comfort. There is nothing superfluous here, even the usual window textiles are missing — neat roller blinds were hung instead of ordinary curtains. This technique allows natural light to enter the room and makes it visually more spacious. The dining group is small, stands near the window and is designed for three people. The laconic wooden table was complemented with chairs from different sets. The refrigerator was taken out of the room — this made it possible to fit a full-fledged set with a large work surface into a limited area.

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