6 purchases at Leroy Merlin for those who want to update the interior with their own hands


one Wallpaper paint Dulux Classic

If the walls in the room are already aligned and wallpaper is pasted, you can refresh the interior with the help of special paint. Such an update will withstand non-woven, vinyl, as well as two- and three-layer paper sheets. They should not be damaged, but the relief pattern is not terrible — it will show through beautifully on the painted surface. To reduce paint consumption and strengthen the coating, you can pre-apply a deep penetration primer coat and allow it to dry for 48 hours. Wallpaper paint is usually applied in two coats with a paint roller or brush.



2 wall molding

Moldings will help to add texture to the wall and make the interior more refined. Highlight a small area with them: for example, a dressing table in the bedroom, a reading nook, a decorative niche. Or highlight the composition of paintings, mirrors and posters by enclosing them in a large frame. Such decor will fit well not only in the classical style, modern or art nouveau, but also in a laconic modern interior. Also, moldings will help when updating old furniture. They can decorate the facade of a cabinet, kitchen set or door before painting.



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3 Sticker «Animals in a balloon»

For those who want to renovate the nursery in a way that will please the child, but at the same time do not require repairs every few years, wall stickers are worth trying. Let the finish be neutral — light and solid, and beautiful watercolor images will make the interior fabulous and interesting for children. At the same time, stickers are easy to apply to any coating and change as often as you want. When the child is older, you can remove the stickers without ruining the paint or wallpaper, and make the room style appropriate for a teenager.



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four Stamp for decor «Vine»

Those who like to update the interior with their own hands will love the creative idea of ​​decorating the walls with a stencil. With this stamp and interior paint, you can apply a pattern to painted walls, wallpaper, ceilings, and even tiles. Emphasize wall decor in this way or visually frame small areas. Do not forget to thoroughly wash the stamp of paint at the end of the work so that the next time you do not have to use a solvent.



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5 Furniture paint V33 Decolab

One of the most popular and affordable ways to update the interior is repainting furniture. If you have little experience in the selection of finishing materials, it is better to immediately buy furniture paint. It does not have a strong smell, it is not afraid of moisture, it dries quickly and adheres well to wood, MDF, laminated and varnished surfaces.

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6 Decorative mirror «Atmosphera»

A mirror in a beautiful decorative frame will help to diversify the situation. Avoid formulaic solutions like a massive carved frame — they overload the interior and most often look too pretentious. It is better to dwell on a laconic golden frame with straight lines — it will become an interesting accent in both classic and modern interiors.



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