6 Most Relaxing Living Rooms (And How to Replicate This Atmosphere at Home)


one Cozy living room without sharp corners

The main feature of this interior is that there are almost no sharp corners. A streamlined sofa and chairs, smooth lines in the picture, rounded lamp and coffee table. All this creates a soft atmosphere of an enveloping cloud, and light colors add coziness.

What to adopt

To create a relaxing interior in the living room, use smooth gentle lines — especially now it is in trend. Swap out a classic rectangular coffee table or hard-backed sofa for sleeker designs that look much softer.

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    Living room

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2 Elegant gray living room

In this living room, a palette that is based on cold monochrome shades gives a feeling of relaxation. Gray is a neutral base color, it helps to relax after bright colors on the street or on a computer screen. Following the eyes, the brain begins to relax. The atmosphere is complemented by a large soft sofa in the shape of the letter L: it seems to outline the recreation area, separating it from the walkway of the room and the open kitchen.

What to adopt

If the living room is combined with the kitchen, it is very important to pay attention to zoning. A soft group should stand out and form a secluded calm space. A neutral palette is the second step towards relaxation, especially if you spend a lot of time in front of the screen and generally get tired of the abundance of bright colors.

3 Atmospheric monochrome living room

In this unusual living room, several tricks were used at once that set you up for relaxation. The green color, houseplants and floral pattern on the wallpaper create a feeling of closeness to nature, which is very calming. The fireplace — the semantic center of the room — is associated with a cozy family hearth. The abundance of textured textiles helps to relax by touching the soft fabric.

What to adopt

Add more tactile materials to your living room: carpet, throw, textured cushion covers. Also arrange plants around the room, just keep in mind that the amount of light will differ in different parts of the room. Therefore, place light-loving flowers closer to the window, and shade-loving ones — in the back of the room. The last step is the semantic center of the interior. It is not necessary to install a fireplace, as in this example, but find something that is associated with relaxation: a bookcase, a movie projector, a picture.

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four Cozy living room in pastel colors

Not everyone likes to relax surrounded by neutral colors — someone gets more pleasure from pastel shades. For example, in this living room, upholstered furniture in a muted cornflower-pink palette was harmoniously selected. We shaded these colors with golden accents, and we got a relaxed, but lively interior.

What to adopt

Analyze which colors help you relax and use them in a soft zone, as in this example. If the repair is already over, add the desired shades with the help of textiles: curtains, blankets and cushions. This is enough to create the right mood.

5 Interesting living room with movie projector

If the best rest for you is watching movies, then this living room will definitely help you relax and cheer yourself up. Opposite the sofa, an open rack was placed here, to which an unfolding canvas is attached to the top for watching a movie. The player itself hangs from the ceiling above the sofa. And, of course, a soothing color palette has not been forgotten here, so that nothing distracts from a quiet evening watching your favorite movies or series.

What to adopt

The recreation area should meet the needs of its owners. So think about how you like to spend your free time and write your hobbies into the interior, as in this example.

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6 Living room with sunny accents

Sometimes, in order to restore strength, it is enough to spend time in an interior that pleases with aesthetic details. For example, this living room is made special by elements that add a sense of sunlight to the room: lemon curtains on the windows, a golden frame on the wall, a shiny coffee table and a vase. Such details cheer up on a cloudy day and create coziness.

What to adopt

If you are tired of the dullness outside the window, make your seating area a little more sunny and visually warm. To do this, use accessories and textiles in yellow, ocher, cream and golden hues.


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