6 beautiful workspaces with wall storage (and a clean countertop)


one Office with spacious corner shelves

When you need to place a lot at once, use the corner closest to the table. It can be equipped with a built-in wardrobe or open shelves. The latter will be visually more compact, but in terms of spaciousness they will practically not yield.

Such shelves are good when he wants ...
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Such shelves are good when you want to equip a cozy home office with family photos and additional decor. You can also store books, your work or little things that are needed in the course of classes. For example, shelves are suitable for creative people to organize pencils, threads and other supplies.

2 Minimalistic workplace with a niche in the wall

If extra cabinets and shelves do not fit into the minimalist interior design, storage in a niche can be equipped instead.

During repairs in the wall, it is necessary ...
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During repairs, one or more recesses must be provided in the wall. In the future, recesses can be used in the manner of shelves. When choosing items that will be stored there, keep in mind: minimalism does not tolerate excess. You only need to store one or two things in niches so as not to disturb the harmony.

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3 Workplace with workshop on the wall

Another good solution that will suit people of creative professions and remote employees is to equip the wall next to the workplace for storing the necessary accessories. It can be a module with cups for stationery or shelves for yarn and thread.

This method will help you...
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This method will help you always keep the necessary things in sight, but at the same time avoid clutter in the work area or creative workshop. Another plus: you can place much more items on the wall than, for example, in desktop organizers.

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four Laconic and compact table-rack

To unload the countertop a little, you can hang a couple of shelves above it. Or choose a ready-made combination of a table with shelves.

This shelving table is quite com...
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This shelving table is quite compact: there is simply not enough space on a small tabletop to put a glass with handles or photos of family members. But all this can be moved to the provided shelves. Additional storage in a drawer under the tabletop and on the shelves above will keep everything you need close at hand.

5 Home office with cork wall

A good storage solution that does not take up much space is a wall lined with cork. This material is soft and resilient, easily pierced with ordinary push pins.

This surface is excellent
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Such a surface is great for storing all sorts of little things: from notes and photos to desk calendars that can be turned into wall ones. In addition, due to its unusual texture and pleasant color, the cork looks great in the interior. You can clad the wall yourself or buy a large corkboard and just hang it next to your computer.

6 Cozy workplace with a small shelf

When there is nothing superfluous in the workplace, with the exception of just a couple of accessories, it makes no sense to install spacious shelves or cabinets and take up space with them. Empty shelves look weird and increase the likelihood of a home office becoming cluttered.

The same cork panel can
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The same cork panel can fit perfectly on a small shelf on the side of a computer. On such a showcase for pictures, not only a board will fit, but also a glass with stationery, a family photo or a flower in a small flowerpot.

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