6 beautiful replacements for IKEA products for a summer balcony


one Alternative to the hanging table «Torpare»


This model is suitable for owners of miniature open balconies with lattice railings, where it is impossible to move freely if you put a regular table on legs. To relax in the fresh air, the tabletop can be raised and a couple of folding chairs can be attached to it. The rest of the time the table is lowered and does not interfere with movement and storage. The plastic alternative to the Swedish model is made of eucalyptus and therefore looks more natural and cozy.

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2 Alternative to the flower box «Sternanis»


To make the balcony look like a small natural oasis in the middle of the city, give up bright plastic planters in favor of wooden ones: for example, made in the form of boxes. In addition to the aesthetic appearance, they have another advantage over plastic — the soil will heat up less, which means it will stay moist longer after watering. Arrange wooden crates of plants on the floor or attach to the wall. In the second case, it is best to plant ampel plants like ferns, ivy or suters in them.

3 Alternative to the Hillis shelving


Balcony shelving, on which you can arrange plants, watering cans and spatulas, fertilizers or jars of pickles, should be light, compact and stable. Therefore, it is better to abandon bulky wooden models in favor of a miniature metal one. In addition, the metal is well tolerated by temperature changes and high humidity, it does not deform even from constant rains, as can be the case with wood. In autumn, before the first frosts, all the flowers can be moved together with the rack into the room — thanks to the minimalist design, it will not stand out in the interior and create visual noise.

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four An alternative to the Terje folding chair


If you don’t want to take heavy chairs from the kitchen to the balcony every time to drink tea in the fresh air, get a pair of folding chairs specifically for this area. In addition to them, you can pick up a couple of wall hooks so that when folded, the chairs hang neatly along the wall without falling and not interfering with passage or cleaning. An analogue of the model from the Scandinavian store is made of laminated plywood, so it weighs little and will well tolerate humidity and cold on the balcony.

5 Alternative to the cushion on the chair «Kuddarna»


To make it comfortable to sit on folding wooden chairs for a long time on warm summer evenings, complement them with soft pillows. It is better to choose a product with a light cover — it heats up less in the sun and does not fade. The mass-market counterpart also has drawstrings to secure the seat pad to the seat. A few of these pillows can also be thrown on the floor around a low table if you like oriental seating areas.

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    Balconies and loggias

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6 An alternative to a Borby candle lantern


A simple and cozy way to decorate a balcony, as well as create a Scandinavian atmosphere that everyone loves, is to light candles. To make such decor not only beautiful, but also safe, use a protective lantern with glass walls. The case of this model looks even more minimalistic than the Swedish original and is made of wood. There is also a hook made of textured braided cord, for which the flashlight can be hung on the wall.


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