6 beautiful designer bedrooms that break interior stereotypes


It seems that the bedroom should be neutral and “soft”, so that it is easier to relax, easier and faster to fall asleep. But designers prove that there is nothing immutable in the interior: everything depends on the wishes of the customer and the specific interior. And the bedroom can be dark or bright. Or even a little outrageous — in general, as you like. Showing examples!

one Bedroom in the country house of architects

Architects Alexander Safarov and Yulia Musina created this house for themselves and their families. The interiors are filled with bright and unique solutions, beyond the templates. Here all the bedrooms are bright: both the parental one and the teenage ones. We’ll take a look at the architects’ room.

Painted surfaces are combined here with wooden walls, ceiling and floor. The bed is decorated with bright textiles: this is a bedspread with a print, and pillows with skulls. The interior is complemented by unusual decor and lamps: look at the wicker lampshade on the ceiling and the table lamp on the chest of drawers, as well as the wall decoration opposite the bed. The furniture is also individual: for example, a chest of drawers with drawings printed on the facades of drawers. And the bedside «bedside table» is nothing more than a wooden log.

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2 Purple bedroom

Shades of purple are difficult to use in the interior. But when everything works out, the rooms are unusual and bewitching. So, like this bedroom from an apartment designed by Tatyana Astafieva. Violet paint on the wall at the head, a brighter shade in the upholstery of the bed, a paler one in the bedding and window textiles.

By the way, the shade of purple — Very Peri — was announced by the Pantone Institute as the color of 2022. Perhaps this will be another reason to decide on similar colors in the interior. Moreover, there is already an inspiring example.

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    Colors in the interior

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3 «Mystical blue» color in the bedroom

This apartment, designed by Lyudmila Rozvodovskaya, has a cozy bedroom in a blue tint. «Mystical blue» color was used at the request of the customer. The room turned out to be enveloping and soothing. Pay attention to the combination of blue with dusty pink textiles, and also to the unusual reception with blue entering the ceiling, which visually enlarges it.

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    Down with stereotypes: 6 beautiful bedrooms where bright colors were used

four Cozy bedroom with window shutters

Designer Natalia Solo worked on the interior of these apartments. Here they used stunning shades of paint for the walls, and in the bedroom too. This room is decorated in a sophisticated brown and gray with a wallpaper accent on the headboard. The bed is in colored upholstery, but muted — this solution dilutes the color of the walls, but does not look too flashy. On the windows, in addition to the curtains, there are louvered shutters, which were made to order. This is not a template solution for a city apartment. Shutters create associations with a country interior: cozy, natural, where you can relax and unwind.

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5 Bedroom with bright wall

In the apartment of designer Alexandra Dotsenko, the main color of the walls in the bedroom is neutral, light. But behind the head of the bed, the designer used a rich berry color — such bright shades are rarely seen in sleeping rooms. At the same time, it is this element that attracts all the attention in the interior.

6 Almost black bedroom

In the apartment designed by Alesya Vusevich, the bedroom is decorated in a dark gray hue — in the photo it seems almost black. This is a bold move for two reasons. Firstly, the room is small, only 11 square meters. It is generally accepted that dark shades «hide» the space, so they should not be used in small rooms. Secondly, in the bedroom, almost black color seems to create a depressing atmosphere.

This example proves that the described reasons are nothing more than stereotypes, and you need to design the space exactly the way you want. The room looks very stylish and peaceful. The feeling of a «hut» is created, as Alesya herself describes it. A large window lets in enough natural light, so there is no question of gloom. And thoughtful artificial lighting will avoid this even in the dark.

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Bright colors


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