6 atmospheric ideas for a bedroom in a country house


What ideas to implement in a bedroom in a private house? Told in video

one Bright wallpaper with a floral pattern

A country house is usually associated with other styles than an apartment: Provence, Country, Traditional Classic. Therefore, here you can experiment with the decoration of the bedroom: for example, choose a contrasting wallpaper with a floral pattern. Such a print will organically echo the nature outside, especially if the windows overlook the garden. Decorate the whole room with wallpaper or just the accent wall behind the head of the bed. In addition to finishing, pick up a set of bed linen, carpet or curtains in the same style and color scheme.

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2 Small decorative pillows

Many people cherish childhood memories of their grandparents’ house in the village, and they want to recreate the same cozy and authentic atmosphere in their home. Some nostalgic touches can be carried over into modern interiors without feeling clichéd or outdated. For example, put together a composition of small pillows on the bed. They can be in different pillowcases: white, with a floral pattern, with drawings of birds and animals. It is better to use natural fabric: linen or cotton. In addition, pick up a cozy quilted plaid or bed linen with a small floral pattern.

3 vintage furniture

A good way to add history to a country house and create a unique atmosphere is to use vintage furniture in the interior. In the bedroom, you can put a four-poster bed, find a place in the corner for an old table or chair on beautiful curved legs. As an addition, classic wall sconces and framed posters yellowed from time will look good.

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four Headboard upholstered in accent fabric

Another atmospheric technique is to upholster the head of the bed with a fabric with an original pattern. At the same time, it is important to organically fit it into the interior of the bedroom so that it does not seem alien and does not stand out from the general style. To do this, choose upholstery fabric in the same color scheme as the room. Or, for example, use a floral pattern if the room already has floral motifs.

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5 Wallpaper on a sloping ceiling

If the bedroom is located under a sloping roof, emphasize the unusual architecture of the room by focusing on the ceiling. Wallpaper works well for this. When choosing a pattern, be guided by the size of the room and its illumination. If the area is large enough and there is a lot of light in the bedroom, a finish with bright details will do. Multi-colored plants will look good on a dark background. In a smaller room, it is better to limit yourself to a simple geometric pattern: for example, repeating wide stripes in light shades.

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6 A combination of three or more patterns

If you want to design a distinctive and bright bedroom, experiment with patterns in decoration and textiles. Small and large prints, floral and geometric motifs, different shades — all this will make the space dynamic and lively. Before you buy wallpaper, bedding, curtains, and everything else, collect photos of these products and make a collage. This way you will know for sure that you will like the end result, and that the patterns blend well together.

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