5 Stunning Accent Wall Bedrooms


one Scandi interior with brickwork

In this bedroom, the active brick texture is the main accent. The wall behind the bed is organically combined with the overall beige-white-brown range and due to this it does not look foreign or too contrasting. It turns out a calm, but at the same time original space in the Scandinavian style. There are many natural shades, textures and natural lighting, so the bedroom looks very cozy.

2 Beige and green bedroom with Japanese motifs

The accent wall does not have to be behind the headboard. Here it is highlighted with a textured velvety panel to match the neutral light finish. But all attention is focused on the adjacent wall — it is pasted over with beautiful accent wallpaper depicting traditional Japanese sakura. This flower is strongly associated with soft pink, but here a deep shade of green acts as a background. It turns out spectacular and original. It is complemented by matching textiles, and brown links two natural colors — green and beige.

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3 Bright bedroom with an arch above the bed

The interior of this bedroom could be completely ordinary, if not for an interesting solution with an arch above the bed. It performs two functions at once: it attracts the eye and replaces the traditional headboard. Such an unusual move adds brightness to the bedroom — a rich blue wall immediately stands out against the background of a beige and white interior. In addition, the design of the arch itself is reminiscent of Mediterranean interiors and creates a relaxed holiday mood. The effect is enhanced by the color scheme: accent blue maintains a fresh blue tint on the Roman blind, light white tulle lets the sun’s rays through, and the sand-beige bed adds coziness.

four Authentic interior with baskets on the wall

This room does not look like a typical bedroom with a simple, relaxed interior. There are many bright details here: colorful wallpapers, textured textiles, wicker decor, a carved wooden headboard and a patterned carpet. Everyone wants to look at and study. The accent wall is not behind the bed, as is usually the case, but on the side of the window. It is pasted over with wallpaper with a small contrasting pattern and due to this it looks catchy. But it was not left empty, as is often done with a bright finish: compositions of wicker baskets and plates hang on both sides of the window. Thanks to the general style, natural colors and colorful, but dim ornament on the wallpaper, all elements of the interior look harmonious.

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5 Bold bedroom with raspberry black wall

An unexpected move in the design of the bedroom is to bet on black and crimson. We see this contrasting combination not only on the accent wall behind the bed, but also in textiles. Due to the difference in textures, the same raspberry shade looks different, but the visual unity is maintained. The accent wall is not only decorated with color, but also decorated with moldings and plaster panels — they make the interior more voluminous. The rest of the room is done in soothing base colors, making bright colors look appropriate and not tiring.


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