5 reasons to design a children’s room without color clichés


No time to read? They talked about the reasons in the video:

one Repairs last longer

Pink and blue are not just associated with girls and boys, but rather with babies and preschool children. Therefore, the repair, in which the sex of the child was too clearly emphasized with the help of gamma, will last only a few years. Then you have to repaint the walls, remove the wallpaper with fairies or dinosaurs, change the furniture. Otherwise, when an older child begins to decorate the room with rock band posters or other teenage decor, the interior will start to look ridiculous. In addition, it will be embarrassing for a teenager to invite friends into a space that is too childish. Neutral furniture and finishes in basic shades are good because they remain relevant for a long time.

2 Changes will be easier and cheaper

Interiors in neutral colors and finishes made of natural materials are easy to transform quickly and on a budget. If you want to make a cute interior for a baby, just hang curtains with a funny pattern, put a cozy cradle and arrange a couple of cute accessories. The child went to school — textiles and decor can be changed in one day, making the space more serious and inviting to study. It is much easier and cheaper than redecorating and buying new furniture.

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3 The child will have a place for self-expression

When the interior is not overflowing with color and detail, it is like a blank canvas. It will be interesting for the child, together with adults, to come up with ways to decorate their room. There will be room for homemade jewelry, school awards and sports medals. Against a neutral background, these details will look appropriate and will not create visual noise. If a preschool kid has his own corner just now, then you can paint on the walls together, select wallpapers, look for the child’s favorite shades. This is much more interesting than the formulaic pink or blue colors; the room will become more personal.

four Artistic vision will develop from childhood

If a child from birth is surrounded by an interior with a well-thought-out color palette, various textures and aesthetic details, he will get used to paying attention to the beauty around. So from childhood, a taste and a habit of looking for unconventional solutions are formed — a good contribution to education, right? At the same time, the environment of natural materials and natural shades (they make up most of the neutral palette) will also have a good effect on the psychological background of the baby.

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5 Better focus on games and functionality

One of the reasons why in recent years they have begun to abandon the classic pink and blue children’s clothes more often is the reluctance to fit a child into certain limits from childhood. In the girl’s room next to the dolls, cars, designers and a telescope can get along perfectly. And in the boy’s room, you can safely put a toy kitchen and seat the dolls at the dining table. Therefore, instead of trying to design a monochrome nursery and choose everything in the “right” shades, it is better to spend your energy and budget on planning play and functional areas. And no stereotypes!


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