5 «grandmother’s» interior decorating techniques that are still relevant


What things from your grandmother’s chest and decoration techniques will still serve you? Told in video

one elegant table setting

If we compare the way our grandmothers and great-grandmothers set the table with the way we do it today, there will be many differences. Tablecloths, cloth napkins, vases on a high leg for jam and an elegant tea set — after the nineties, all this abruptly disappeared.

Now, in most homes, serving is limited to plates and cutlery to simplify and speed up the process. But the fashion is again getting pleasure from the little things and ordinary everyday things. Therefore, it makes sense to start decorating the table at least before dinner or on weekends. If you keep everything you need at hand, it will take no more than five minutes, and the feeling of the atmosphere in the kitchen will be completely different.


2 Crystal Chandelier

A gilded frame and crystal pendants — such chandeliers used to decorate apartments. This luxurious home decor was expensive and difficult to obtain. Therefore, the lucky ones who got the dream chandelier proudly hung it in the center of the living room, but most often did not support it with any relevant details. As a result, this striking contrast between the luxury of crystal and modest furnishings led to the fact that at the beginning of the 2000s, such chandeliers in the interior were gradually abandoned.

But today, both the original vintage models and their more modern versions fit perfectly into a variety of styles. It can be scandi-chic, neoclassical, or spectacular loft. The main thing is to make sure that the interior has elements that will support the classic decor of the chandelier: for example, upholstered furniture with a carriage tie or golden inserts, moldings, stucco or glass decor.

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3 Floral wallpaper

In the past, when the choice of wallpaper was very limited, floral canvases were considered a full-fledged interior decoration. At that time, few people thought about the combinations of patterns and colors in space, so with the advent of diversity, this trend was quickly replaced by photo wallpapers, decorative plaster and, in recent years, laconic monochromatic coatings.

But if you like a floral ornament, feel free to choose a floral wallpaper for an accent wall and complement it with similar textiles and accessories that will support the pattern.

four Patchwork

Patchwork, or simply patchwork quilts, were often found in village houses — women sewed them from the remnants of various fabrics. Then these bedspreads became a sign of an outdated and poor interior.

But now such authentic textiles will perfectly fit into the boho or Scandinavian style — and even become the main accent in a minimalist bright bedroom. If you decide to sew a bedspread with your own hands, then remember:

  • It is better to choose natural materials — they look significantly more expensive than shiny synthetics.
  • Make sure that all pieces of the blanket are at the same level of brightness and the same color temperature (warm or cold).

5 Knitted textile

The remote control in a plastic bag and a knitted napkin on the TV have already become synonymous with the «grandmother’s» apartment. Because of this, for a long time no one even thought about adding these napkins to a modern interior again.

But now it’s a bright vintage accent that can be interesting to fit into the space. And it can be not only napkins, but also, for example, knitted blankets or carpets. It will be ideal if the interior already has notes of boho or retro style — then lace will become its logical addition.


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