5 functional panoramic balcony design options (and 55 photos to inspire you)


To admire the scenery through spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows, it is not necessary to have a country house. Owners of city apartments with panoramic glazing of the loggia can create a cozy room with a stunning view from it. In this article, we tell you what to consider when designing this zone and what design to choose, and also show photos of examples with interesting design ideas.

All about panoramic balcony design

Choice of glazing
Finishing Features
— Floor
— Ceiling
— Walls
window decoration
Arrangement options
— Mini-cabinet
— Place for breakfast
– Greenhouse
— Corner for rest
— Part of the nursery

Choice of glazing

The choice of the type of glazing depends not only on the design features of the building, but also on what function the balcony will perform. It can be a non-residential area where things are stored, a conditional part of the room (if connected by a sliding partition) and a separate room.

The second and third options allow you to rationally use the available space, which is especially important in small apartments. To make it comfortable to be on the loggia at any time of the year, it will need to be insulated. Panoramic windows somewhat complicate this task, since up to 80% of the heat from the apartment leaves through the glass, and in this case they will occupy the entire or almost the entire wall.

To solve this problem, it is best to use energy-efficient or multifunctional double-glazed windows with two or three chambers, which will provide sufficient heat and noise insulation. And the latter will not only protect from the cold, but will also reflect sunlight so that the space does not overheat in the summer. In combination with heaters and the right finishing materials on the balcony, it will be easy to create a comfortable temperature.

For warm panoramic glazing, plastic or glass-composite profiles are used: they are reliable, durable and airtight. Aluminum frames have too high thermal conductivity, so they will not provide sufficient insulation.

As for the design itself, panoramic windows on the balcony can be installed in two ways: framed, frameless.

The first is considered more reliable, practical and suitable for warm glazing. The second gives a feeling of airiness and complete transparency, but it does not provide complete tightness, which means it will always be cold on the loggia.

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Finishing Features

Panoramic windows on the loggia allow you to save on building materials, since they occupy an entire wall or most of it (at least 3/4). Finishing should be chosen based on the function of the balcony, the general style and features of this area. Additional thermal insulation will be a significant plus.


The most popular option for flooring is tile or porcelain stoneware. These are durable, wear-resistant and unpretentious materials that are sold in a variety of formats, colors and patterns. They are not afraid of moisture, temperature changes and intense exposure to ultraviolet radiation. The only drawback is that ceramics are cold, so you will need to install a warm floor under the floor.

The tree looks noble and immediately makes the space cozy, but is afraid of humidity and temperature changes. With high-quality insulation and sealed double-glazed windows, this will not be a problem, but it is still better to use moisture-resistant species: teak, larch, oak, etc. And also be sure to impregnate the array with a protective varnish. Laminate is also suitable, but for it you need to first level the surface well and provide sufficient waterproofing. Also, as a floor finish, you can consider practical modern materials: vinyl or quartz-vinyl tiles, which can imitate any coating (including natural wood) and are not afraid of humidity and temperature changes.

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Waterproof paint, lining, drywall, plastic panels, tension system are suitable for finishing the ceiling.

Visually, it is better to stick to the classics: a white or light gray plain canvas that will visually enlarge the space.


The insulated loggia significantly expands the choice of materials for the walls. In fact, you can choose any finish, as for a living room. The most popular options: wall painting, wallpaper (vinyl, non-woven, fiberglass are suitable), decorative plaster (lime for any loggias, mineral and gypsum for heated ones), wooden, PVC or MDF panels.

You can also leave the brick: in its original form or by painting it. Get a modern interior with hints of a loft.

When choosing a wall finish, it is not the material itself that is more important, but the visual that it creates. It is better to refuse glossy surfaces — there will be enough sunlight on the balcony anyway, and its excess is also undesirable. The color of the walls depends on the location of the apartment: if the windows face north, use juicy warm shades; if to the south or east — colder and more subdued, so that it is not too hot and light on the loggia.

window decoration

In addition to finishing, curtains or their analogues play a key role on the panoramic balcony (photo below). They are needed in order to ensure privacy if the apartment is located on the lower floors or close to a neighboring house; protect surfaces from fading in the sun; dose the level of illumination for a comfortable rest or work.

What window design to choose?

  • A universal option is a light translucent tulle. If you need additional protection from the sun, you can complement it with plain curtains or Roman blinds.
  • For modern trends (minimalism, hi-tech, loft), blinds or discreet roller blinds are suitable.
  • If you need to completely block the light from time to time, use blinds with 100% protection.
  • French or Austrian curtains, as well as a frameless variation of Roman ones with beautiful drapery, will organically fit into the classic style.

Curtains can be omitted if the apartment is on a high floor and far from neighboring houses. And additional protection from ultraviolet radiation can be provided by tinted double-glazed windows with a special reflective coating.

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Loggia design options with panoramic windows

1. Mini office

Now you can’t do without a home office — but it is, as a rule, the most difficult thing to allocate space for in a typical apartment. It is important not only to put a chair and a table, but also to create at least a small isolated space where you can immerse yourself in work without being distracted by anything.

A mini-study on the loggia is a great option. There is enough light here, you can retire and work quietly, and when you need to take a break, enjoy the view and get back to business. The layout is usually this: a table and a chair along one wall, on the contrary — a storage system or a small lounge area with an armchair and a table.

2. Place for a snack

If the balcony is adjacent to the kitchen or living room, you can organize an additional dining area on it: install a bar counter, a wicker or folding table and add a couple of comfortable chairs. In such a cozy corner you can have breakfast, drink coffee in silence or have tea with friends while admiring the stunning view.

You can place such a snack area even on a minimal area. If there is not enough space, choose compact folding models of tables and chairs. Think about protection from the bright sun: it can be light curtains, blinds or special tinting on the windows.

3. Greenhouse

If you lack closeness to nature, you can organize a green corner on the balcony by turning several squares with a beautiful view into a small winter garden. Moreover, the flowers here will definitely have enough light.

Even if the loggia is insulated, choose unpretentious plants that are not afraid of low temperatures and wind. You can choose large breeds and plant them in beautiful decorative planters, or you can make a wooden rack with small pots — it will turn out very cozy and in eco style.

If there is enough space, you can add furniture: a small storage system, an armchair or a mini sofa to not only water the flowers, but also spend time here.

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4. Rest corner

In the frantic pace of everyday work, it is important to be able to relax at home in a quality manner — and this will help the lounge area, which can be organized even on the smallest balcony.

Minimum equipment: an easy chair (classic, bag or hanging), a table and a cozy soft carpet. If space permits, you can add additional elements: bookshelves, a small sofa, live plants, a hookah, a TV, ottomans, etc.

The main thing when designing a recreation area is the little things that set you up for relaxation. Hang garlands with light bulbs on the windows, add different textiles, candles, beautiful decor. It is important to think over the lighting: in addition to the overhead lamp, hang a wall sconce with soft diffused light above the chair or make an LED ceiling light.

5. Part of the nursery

You can allocate extra space for a child, especially if the main room is small. In the nursery, zoning is especially important, since the room combines several functions at once: a bedroom, a workplace, a corner for games, sports, etc.

So, you can separately take out a playroom, a table and a chair for studying or a quiet rest area where the child will play soft toys, read fairy tales or just dream, looking at the beautiful view outside the window.

In the nursery, it is important that the room is as insulated as possible, and the finishing materials are hypoallergenic and environmentally friendly. Windows must have protective fittings: opening locks, removable handles, etc.

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