5 failed ways to decorate your workplace


The video listed the mistakes in the decor of the workplace

one Lots of small decorations on the table

In interior stores there are a dozen interesting little things that you want to place on the table. As a result, an impressive collection is assembled, which complicates the cleaning and the work process itself, even if it looks beautiful. Nowhere to put a stack of documents, a laptop and books. There are circles in the middle of the figures, stickers with important information, and there is less and less useful storage space. The result is complete chaos and visual noise.

How to do better

Before choosing a decor, consider what things you need to always keep on hand, and the size of the desk. It is often better to leave the countertop empty, placing a computer or laptop on it, a couple of stylish paper holders and stationery. And decorate the wall or space next to the table.

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2 Garland

A garland on the wall in front of the desktop is a technique that has already become boring. In addition, the sharp light of the diodes increases the load on the eyes, which are already tired of looking at the computer screen for several hours in a row.

How to do better

Add soft light with a floor lamp placed on the side of the table. Or pick up a table lamp in a beautiful color and interesting shape. An option for owners of small countertops is a light lamp that is attached to a table or shelf above it.

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3 Lots of colorful plastic

Owners of a large collection of various stationery like to display it in plain sight. Markers, felt-tip pens, pens and adhesive tapes really look cute and pretty — you want them to be pleasing to the eye. But this technique is more reminiscent of table decoration for a schoolboy and creates visual noise that quickly gets boring.

How to do better

Take a closer look at the workplaces that have been designed in the spirit of minimalism using natural materials. Wood, metal, stone — all this looks noticeably more elegant and pleasing to the eye. And for your favorite stationery, choose laconic closed storage: drawers, boxes, various organizers.

four Template posters on the wall

The workspace should inspire and cheer up its owner. Template posters, which can be found in any store, quickly become familiar and turn into a boring dust collector on the wall.

How to do better

Look for something that will hook you and make you feel good. For example, atmospheric vintage postcards, stylish posters with your favorite artist or paintings by little-known artists. You can print your favorite motivational quote or a few photos that you have taken yourself.

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5 colorful stickers

Often the workplace is overgrown with a huge number of colorful sticky notes, on which important data and to-do lists are recorded. This way of storing information does not look very aesthetically pleasing, besides, it is simply inconvenient — among the same type of stickers, it is easy to miss a meeting reminder or lose someone’s phone number.

How to do better

Transfer all the most important to the diary and duplicate it in the scheduler application — so the necessary information will definitely not be lost. And for a desk, get a cork or chalk board. Perforated panels and metal grills with clothespins also look interesting.

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