5 common mistakes people make before building a country house


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one Too big plans

Dreaming about what the future cottage will be like is always a pleasure. A spacious living room where the whole family will gather, a small study for hobbies in silence and solitude, cozy bedrooms and a couple of bathrooms — and now you already have drawings of a full-fledged country house in your hands. And along with them — a shocking, but corresponding to these dreams, an estimate of construction and decoration.

How to do better

During the planning stage, keep your attention on exactly how you will use the house. If you plan to come to the cottage only in the summer and on weekends, it does not have to be very spacious. A couple of small bedrooms, a bathroom and a kitchen-living room are enough. The recreation area and even the summer kitchen can be taken out into the garden, because in any case you will spend time outdoors here.


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2 Unfortunate place on the site

It seems that finding a place for a house, especially in a small area, is not at all difficult. But in fact, even 3-5 meters in this situation can play an important role if you do not think through the logistics and do not take into account the location of all objects on and around the site. Suddenly, it may turn out that the bedroom windows overlook the neighbor’s bathhouse, and smoke constantly flies through the window. Or the house is too close to the road, because of which you will be disturbed by the noise of passing cars.

How to do better

Carefully study the site, if possible, invite an architect to consult. When choosing a place for a house, consider everything: the distance to the fence, neighbors or roads, underground utilities, trees, cardinal points. Even in a small area, the house can be located away from the road and, for example, plant trees in front of it to drown out the noise a little. Or make such a layout so that the bedroom windows do not face east, and the light does not interfere with sleep in the morning.


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3 Technically sophisticated solutions

Before building a dacha, it is useful to look at the solutions already implemented and understand which houses you like best. At this moment, it is important not to make the mistake of burning with the desire to implement beautiful, but technically complex techniques. For example, houses with spectacular floor-to-ceiling windows look aesthetically pleasing in photos, but in real life they take away a sense of privacy and consume a lot of energy for heating and cooling. A complex roof will require more construction costs.

How to do better

Choose practical and minimalistic architectural solutions, as they are easier and cheaper to implement. And you can make the house cozy and stylish after construction — with the help of decoration, furniture and decor.


four Poor ventilation

When planning a cottage on your own, it is easy to make a mistake and think poorly about ventilation. It seems that the house is easy enough to ventilate, but this is not entirely true. The lack of ventilation ducts will lead to constant dampness, the appearance of mold and fungus, wooden furniture, wall and ceiling decoration will deteriorate faster.

How to do better

Consider the volume of the house and select the appropriate ventilation devices. Absolutely, even in a small cottage, you will need to install a hood in the bathroom and in the kitchen. In a large house, most likely, you will have to add forced ventilation.


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5 Extra or missing zones

Many refer to a country house as a city apartment. Therefore, for example, they decide to build a balcony. But this is an extra expense item and space that is unnecessary from a practical point of view, because there is a garden and the opportunity to put a gazebo in it. There is another risk — to forget about some important area. For example, do not make a vestibule that will separate the front door from the living space.

How to do better

Find ready-made drawings of country houses and study their differences from city apartments. For example, a vestibule is an additional protection against cold and dampness. And in the country, you will probably need a pantry for storing crops or tools.


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