5 common home decorating mistakes you don’t need to repeat


They told in a short video what mistakes they make in the design of the dacha

one The same approach as for an apartment

Many have experience in carrying out repairs and interior design in city apartments, so when you need to decorate a summer house, there is a temptation to approach it the same way. But the dacha has a different purpose, it requires a separate plan for repair and decoration.

How to be

During repair work, more attention will have to be paid to moisture and heat insulation, while in an apartment building the architect has already thought about this. Also, if the cottage is exclusively a space for relaxing on weekends and during the warm season, then there may be more space for guests than in an apartment, and the volume of the storage system, on the contrary, is less.


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2 Design rejection

Again, if the dacha is just a place for outdoor recreation in the summer, then you may get the feeling that you need to save money on the interior. So there appears the cheapest plumbing, colorful wallpaper, old furniture from my grandmother’s apartment. But it will be unpleasant to come to such a house, there will not be a feeling of comfortable rest, it will be embarrassing to invite guests.

How to be

Of course, it is not necessary to invite a designer to decorate a summer house. But you still need to think over the decoration, furniture and decor. Old furniture should be restored and repainted, materials should be selected so that the rooms seem bright and spacious. Decor can be done by hand.


3 Low budget for important things

Often, after building a house, there is no longer enough budget for its design. Therefore, a austerity regime is activated, which is not always successful. Of course, there are tricks that will allow you to cut the budget — in particular, buying used furniture and appliances. But in some situations, for example, when choosing plumbing, savings can lead to a lack of comfort and spending money on new repairs.

How to be

The same approach works here as with permanent housing. For example, in the bedroom you can pick up the simplest solid color set of linen and curtains not from a fashion store. But the mattress, pillows and bed base must be of good quality to ensure a good sleep while on vacation. In the kitchen, you can abandon the stationary stove and limit yourself to a small portable burner, but the refrigerator must work properly and store food for a long time and with high quality.


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four Ill-conceived microclimate

It seems that there is nothing wrong with enduring the heat in the country during the weekend. But in fact, heat and stuffiness cause fatigue in the same way as any intense physical activity. For those who come to the country to relax after work, these are not the best conditions.

How to be

It makes sense to think about a simple and budget cooling system. For example, the simplest air conditioner installed in the hallway so that cold air enters different rooms, or in the bedroom. Or get a mobile floor air conditioner that you can take to the city.


5 Deliberately country style

It seems to many that their dacha must necessarily be similar to everyone else. Colorful textiles, multi-colored dishes, a carpet on the wall — for some reason I want to create a typical country atmosphere. The problem is that if such a style is not initially close to a person, it will be unpleasant for him to be in it, and his attitude towards the house will be dismissive.

How to be

Feel free to decorate the interior in your favorite style, in the country you can create everything: classics, minimalism, scandi or boho. And boldly experiment, embody ideas that you would not dare to in a city apartment.


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