40 photos of successful wallpapers for a girl’s nursery and tips on choosing finishes


The design of a room for a child is always multifunctional. Each element must be safe, reliable and practical. Wall decoration requires special attention, because it will set the atmosphere of the bedroom, influence the mood of the baby and be subjected to all sorts of creative experiments. In this article, we tell you how to choose wallpaper for a girl’s nursery: what to consider, what material to pay attention to, what colors and prints are suitable for different ages.

Wall decoration in the nursery

Ideas for different ages
– 3-6 years
– 6-9 years old
— 10 years and older


In a room where a child spends a lot of time, safety is of the utmost importance. It includes not only the absence of sharp corners and small details, but also the environmental friendliness of all the materials present in the room. The second key criterion is practicality. Children’s curiosity, along with irrepressible energy, require to explore all available surfaces by any means, so the finish will be constantly subjected to mechanical stress. Based on this, the following types of wallpaper are suitable for a children’s bedroom.

What types are suitable

  • Paper. One of the most popular types of coverage for any room. Natural composition, do not cause allergies, are safe for babies, are inexpensive, and you can also choose any color, pattern and external texture. The main disadvantage is that such canvases will not live long in the company of an active girl. Option for overgrowth repair with the prospect of an early change of finish.
  • Non-woven. More durable than paper, they can be painted, look noble, and are fireproof. Of the minuses — the high price. They are often produced in collections, where you can pick up 2-3 coatings in the same style from the catalog and easily combine them in the interior of the room.
  • Vinyl. They do not fade in the sun, they mask the unevenness of the walls, they are in the middle price segment. Another plus is the variety of colors and patterns, there are plenty to choose from. Due to the fact that the top layer is made of foamed vinyl, they are not considered the most environmentally friendly material, and they also do not pass air well. You can use it in a nursery, but be sure to air it regularly or find canvases with a porous vinyl layer (they will be more expensive).
  • Glass fiber. Completely safe for children’s health and hypoallergenic due to the natural composition (quartz sand, lime), do not burn, exclude the appearance of mold or microbes. In addition, they withstand mechanical stress much better than their counterparts and are easy to clean, so they are not afraid of children’s experiments.
  • Textile. They are threads attached to a paper base, therefore, according to the safety criterion, they are excellent for children. But there are two significant disadvantages: if they are not impregnated with a special solution, they will collect dust, and the high price can also confuse.
  • Liquid. A modern type of wallpaper that resembles plaster in texture and method of application. Only the composition differs. It goes under painting, so you can choose any color, not limited to those offered by the manufacturer.

  • Children's wallpaper in the interior: 60 interesting options


    Children’s wallpaper in the interior: 60 interesting options


First of all: the palette for girls is not only about pink. Yes, the option is universal — but not the only one! Consider the following when choosing a gamma.

  • Features of the child’s psyche. Children are impressionable, active and easily excitable. Therefore, the colors should be cheerful, stimulating the brain, but not put pressure on the psyche. So, it is better to give up black, dark brown, purple, blue and bright red. So that the interior is not monotonous, you can choose several different colors for the walls and combine plain and patterned canvases.
  • Room size. The smaller the room, the brighter it is better to make it. The ideal base is pastel colors. It is not recommended to use pure white, it is better to dilute it with some kind of undertone so that the effect of the hospital does not turn out.
  • Location. If the bedroom windows face south and there is always a lot of natural light in the room, choose cool fresh shades. If, on the contrary, on the north side, and on cloudy days the room looks gloomy, warm colors are suitable for the walls: orange, yellow, beige, coral, etc.
  • The character of the child. If a girl is calm, even phlegmatic, it is hard for her to study, then warm tones with bright splashes will make her more energetic. But for a hyperactive emotional daughter who finds it difficult to concentrate, calm and muffled cold tones are suitable — they will cool her temperament and help her concentrate.


Drawing is almost always present in the children’s room — this is a win-win way to add brightness to the room and make the interior interesting for the girl. You can choose a photo wallpaper in the girl’s nursery or make an artistic painting of the wallpaper for painting. Ready made solutions are also available.

Fashionable drawing options

  • Small abstract print.
  • flora or fauna.
  • Geometric ornament.

When choosing a pattern, rely on the age and tastes of the hostess: the wallpaper for a nursery for an 8-year-old girl will differ from the finish for a three-year-old baby or teenager. And also remember the main principle: the print on the wallpaper should not tire. If you like large and contrasting patterns, it is better to use them accentuated — on one wall (for example, behind the headboard or in the play area) or even on part of it.

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    60 trendy bedroom wallpapers 2021 (useful if you want a trendy interior)

Ideas for different ages

3-6 years old

For preschool age, any colors and prints that will not put pressure on the psyche are suitable. The baby only learns the world, but does it very actively: through creativity, games and developmental activities. Since the room for the child during this period is always somehow divided into functional zones, zoning can also be done with the help of wall decoration: in the zone of active games, stick bright wallpaper with a print; plain or with a non-contrasting ornament — in a corner for sleeping; neutral — in the zone of creativity and educational games. It is desirable that the drawing is not too large — this can scare a small child.

Non-woven wallpaper Home Color Wonderful

Non-woven wallpaper Home Color Wonderful



Also, it is at this age that children love to paint and test all available surfaces for strength, so it is better to choose a reliable washable coating for the bedroom. Or make a two-level finish: cover the lower part of the walls with panels, and glue beautiful wallpapers on top, as in the first photo.

7-9 years old

This period requires renewal: the girl goes to school, gradually grows out of old toys and children’s cartoons, the functions of the bedroom change and priorities shift. She will still play here, but studies are added to the creativity and fun. Be sure to organize a comfortable workplace, there may be a zone for communication with friends, your own wardrobe.

Non-woven wallpaper Elysium Oasis

Non-woven wallpaper Elysium Oasis «Houses»



All this is supported by the design of the walls. Wallpaper for the children’s room of a girl of 7 years and older can no longer be selected based on anti-vandal characteristics, but from the point of view of the aesthetic component. The palette still should not be too gloomy and not too active, so as not to cause blues or, on the contrary, overexcitation. The print on the canvases can become more restrained, and the composition on the photo wallpapers can move from toys and cartoons to more complex drawings: for example, images of a forest with animals or tropical flora with an abundance of small details that are interesting to look at.

Wallpaper in the nursery girls 10 years old

Colorful cartoon prints are no longer relevant for a teenage girl. At this age, many processes take place at once: the rapid development of the personality, the formation of one’s clear preferences, rebellion, and the desire to become an adult as soon as possible. All this must be taken into account in the design of the bedroom.

Willberry paper wallpaper

Willberry paper wallpaper



The wallpaper should be the color that the hostess likes (it can still be classic pink, but this stereotype is increasingly being abandoned), plain or with a calm, non-contrasting print. If the girl is creative and loves bright colors, you can paste over the accent wall with photo wallpapers — and she can choose the plot herself.

Also, the period from 10 and older is the time of active study, so the atmosphere in the room should at the same time set you up for work and help you relax after a long concentration and brain work.

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    Creating the Perfect Teenage Girl’s Room Design


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