4 practical tips for creating a workplace for two


one Select the location and type of workplace

There are several options for how to arrange two workspaces.

One long table along a window or wall

The length of the desktop per person should be about 1 meter. 50 cm is enough in depth — then a laptop or computer screen, a table lamp will fit on the table and there will be room for papers.

If the workplace is calculated for two, the numbers are doubled. And it’s better to take a small margin — pick up a countertop 2.1-2.5 m long.

It is convenient to arrange such a workplace on an insulated loggia. But you can put a table in the room in front of the window or along the wall. In the second case, choose a countertop deeper than 50 cm so that your eyes do not rest directly on the wall.

One large table in the center of the room

This is a solution for a spacious room. The table will take up a lot of space, besides, you need to leave 50-60 cm on each side for free passage.

The tabletop can be square, about a meter by a meter, then two people can sit facing each other. Or rectangular, then the chairs can be placed diagonally.

Table with the letter «G»

If you feel uncomfortable working at the same desk, try splitting your workspace. This can be done by placing two tables with the letter «G». With this arrangement, you can not put chairs opposite each other — this distracts many from work. But the neighbor will see the computer screen, which for some also does not bring comfort.

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2 Make two different lighting scenarios

Each person has his own idea of ​​good lighting and comfortable light temperature. Someone likes warm lamps, someone — cold, close to natural light. Some people turn on the light at the workplace even during the day, while others like to work without artificial light at dusk. A big mistake that can be made when planning a workplace for two is to make a single lighting scenario. For example, just place a chandelier over the table.

So use two independent lighting scenarios. Here are some options.

  • Two table lamps that can be adjusted and directed so that their light does not interfere with the other person.
  • Additional sconces or lighting on the bottom surface of wall cabinets.
  • Spot ceiling lights, with the ability to light all or only a part.
  • For comfort, you can add a garland.

3 Create a separate capacious storage system

Try not to combine the storage system and clearly distinguish between where the documents, books and office of each of you are stored. It is not necessary to divide cabinets and shelves equally: perhaps someone needs less space.

But it is important to have a variety of storage methods: shelves, racks, drawers. The larger the storage system, the less likely it is to cause conflicts.

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four Consider everyone’s tastes

In order for the interior to look harmonious, the workspace should be made in the same style and a single color scheme. But it is not necessary to make two completely identical places. Consider the tastes of those who will use this area, use different decor. Someone will like shelves with their favorite souvenirs, and someone will like a board on which to-do lists can be attached.


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