14 Very Unusual and Stylish Ways to Place Books in an Apartment


one Under the table

Arrange the books in even piles and place them under the table — it will seem that they are additional legs. If you place a few additional decorative elements on the table, you get a complete composition.

book storage

Design: Anne-Sophie Pailleret

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2 Next to or under the bed

In such a bed with niches, it is convenient to store your favorites from your personal library. If you cannot find a similar model, move a mini-rack to the back, which is not against the wall, and place books in it.

book storage

Photo: columbineshowroom.com

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3 Along the wall

Even on the wall of a narrow long corridor, you can find a place for a small shelf and put books on it. Get a kind of showcase. On the opposite wall, you can hang a framed photo or a picture.

book storage

Photo: cookconstructionsf.com

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four under the stairs

If you are a happy owner of a country house, then the space under the stairs can also be used to store books.

book storage

Design: Locati Architects

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5 In a decorative fireplace

A false fireplace is a spectacular interior element in itself, but it is always better to decorate it with something. Inside you can put candles, put firewood or … books with magazines — why not?

book storage

Design: Dolce Vita Studios

6 In the partition for zoning

Pay attention to this practical zoning solution: on the one hand, this is a partition that outlines the living area, on the other, a bookcase.

book storage

Design: DIN interiorismo

7 Like a flower stand

Stack your books and place a potted houseplant on top. Such a decision will add bohemianism to the interior.

book storage

Photo: alvhemmakleri.se

eight On the coffee table

Usually books or magazines lie on the countertop, but nothing prevents you from choosing a model with storage sections. Don’t want to spend? Just connect four identical drawers together and get a spectacular hand-made table, which is convenient to store books and other little things.

book storage

Photo: goodshomedesign.com

9 On low shelves

As a rule, shelves are hung at eye level — if you want to stand out, place them almost on the floor. This solution is especially appropriate if you live in an attic with a sloping roof.

book storage

Design: Charlotte Minty Interior Design

ten In a mini closet in the toilet

Look at this compact and truly unusual solution. Such a bookcase in the restroom will definitely surprise guests!

book storage

Design: Smith & Vansant Architects

eleven As a seat

The photo shows a real model of a stool, which consists of a stand with legs, belts, a pillow and newspapers or magazines, which, if desired, can be replaced with large books (for example, albums with reproductions). The advantages of such furniture are the original and changeable design, as well as the ability to adjust the height of the stool.


Photo: njustudio-com

Another plus is that if you love and know how to work with your hands, then you can easily recreate such a stool yourself.

12 On an unusual shelf

If you are still used to storing books on shelves, then here you can find an unusual option: modern designers offer a lot of racks and shelves of the most unusual designs. A great option to stand out without going overboard.

book storage

Design: Anne-Sophie Pailleret

13 In the mini library

Such a cozy reading room is a paradise for an introvert who lives in a small apartment. True, to create such a library, most likely, you will have to resort to the help of professional designers and carpenters.

book storage

Design: Tim Seggerman, George Nakashima

fourteen Just stacks

Yes, yes, sometimes you can just beautifully fold books against the wall — and they will become a spectacular interior detail. This option is suitable for young, freedom-loving people who hate conventions and difficult decisions.

book storage

Design: cathy gedda westrell


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