10 ideas that will allow you to create a hotel atmosphere in an ordinary apartment


How to create a beautiful hotel environment in an apartment? Gave advice in the video

one Update furniture and textiles in time

In decent hotels, they closely monitor the neat appearance of each room. In particular, they update and restore furniture, quickly replace towels and bed linen that have lost their freshness. Do the same at home: update the varnish on furniture in time, mask minor scratches and chips, and wash and iron all textiles regularly. If it is worn or faded, replace it with a new one.

  • 6 ways to create a designer hotel atmosphere in an ordinary apartment


    6 ways to create a designer hotel atmosphere in an ordinary apartment

2 Make the view from the window part of the interior

There should be no dissonance in the apartment between what is inside and what you see outside the window. Make the landscape a decorative addition to your interior by matching the interior design to the colors or style of the nearby buildings. For example, in the quarter of Soviet high-rise buildings, add a couple of vintage accessories from the times of the USSR to the modern interior.

3 Adjust the interior to your habits

It is convenient to stay in a hotel where the main purpose of the stay is taken into account: work, leisure, sports, tourism. As a rule, all these functions are combined in the house, so household habits should be taken into account rather. Do you work at home? Provide enough outlets, decorate your home office and stock up on chargers so that you can sit down with a laptop and smartphone in any room. Do you play sports? Designate a space in your bedroom or living room for home workouts.

four Put a bed with a quality mattress

The main role in any hotel room is played by a bed. Literally everything depends on the comfort and beauty of the bed: from interior design to the overall impression of the hotel. Take this close attention to the recreation area into service, because the quality of sleep directly affects our mood and well-being. Choose a quality comfortable mattress, a reliable bed, so that over time it does not start to creak. Pay attention to the pillow: depending on your favorite sleeping position, the size and height of the product may vary.

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5 Get rid of everything superfluous

In a good hotel, even a small room creates a feeling of air and spaciousness. This happens because there is nothing superfluous in the interior: only the necessary furniture and some decorations. Follow the same principle in decorating your home. The absence of unnecessary things immediately makes the interior visually lighter and tidier, does not overload it and does not distract attention from the decor or the beautiful view outside the window.

6 Remove partitions

If you have the opportunity to redevelop and abandon the extra walls, do it. All hotel rooms are as open as possible, they do not have unnecessary partitions that eat up space and block natural light from the window. In addition, in an open plan it is easier to navigate and settle down.

7 Decorate the walls

Don’t leave the walls empty! There are always paintings or themed posters hanging in hotel rooms. They make the interior more comfortable and familiar, relieve the feeling of uninhabited space. Choose the right decor for your apartment: it can be paintings, panels, mirrors, plants in hanging pots.

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eight Consider multiple lighting scenarios

Several lighting scenarios make it possible to create a different mood in the interior and make everyday life more comfortable. Consider sconces or table lamps for reading in the bedroom, a bright central light in the living room, and work area lighting in the kitchen. The more lighting options available, the more comfortable and mobile the interior will become.

9 Avoid frilly bedding

White linens, like in a hotel, are ideal for any bedroom. It looks very neat and clean, visually inviting. White color in general creates a feeling of lightness and freshness in the interior and looks expensive. Alternatively, you can take a set of any other noble light shade: cream, complex gray, ivory, pale blue.

ten Keep your bathroom clean

The bathroom in the hotel always smells good and shines with cleanliness. It works on the general sense of order in the room. Naturally, using such a neat bathroom is much more pleasant. At home, also regularly wash and wipe surfaces in the bathroom, preventing water from forming plaque, clean plumbing in time and renew towels. To minimize visual noise, all hygiene products that are in sight can be poured into the same containers.

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