10 fun ways to organize your home library


one Balcony

Even if you have an insulated balcony, finding a practical application for it is usually not just because of the elongated shape and small area. Place bookshelves, a shelving unit, or drawer against the wall and set up a reading area. Good daylight, a large window, privacy and silence are great companions for reading. And to read on the balcony in the evenings, add lighting. Both built-in lamps and portable ones, such as a floor lamp or table lamp, are suitable. For a special mood and comfort, add a garland.

  • Where and how to place a reading nook: 8 options


    Where and how to place a reading nook: 8 options

2 The corridor

The corridor is another place in the apartment that is difficult to make more functional. Some apartments have branches in the corridors, from which an excellent mini-library will come out. Embed bookshelves in a niche, put a bright chair and get a stylish solution for this area. An ordinary corridor can also be adapted for storing books — use high shelving under the ceiling to make the most of the space.

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    7 interiors where open book storage has become a highlight

3 Stairs

Bookshelves can be placed under steps or on walls next to stairs. This solution looks bright and non-standard, two problems are solved at once: a place to store books and the original design of the stairs.

four Niche in the wall

A niche in the wall will make a beautiful place for a mini-library, you just need to add some shelves. If the location and size of the niche allows, try to arrange a reading corner in it at the same time.

5 Part of the room

For those who find the idea of ​​just putting a bookcase and an armchair in the room boring, you should try to design a special book area using a podium or drywall ledges from the wall. Get a secluded area to relax with a book.

6 Wall between door and window

In many apartments, the space between a closely spaced door and window remains unused. This is the perfect place for a bookcase or shelves. They will relieve the feeling of emptiness and will not block the window and the passage to the door. And if you put the chair back to the window, you get a good place to read, because the sunlight will fall directly on the pages of the book you are reading.

7 In the nursery

Children may not have many books, but it is worth organizing their own small library for them. It will decorate the children’s room and help instill in your child a love of reading. When choosing shelves and storage boxes, be guided by those models in which the child can put books away himself and place them at the level of his height. A little creativity like a tree painted on the wall or bright pillows on the floor will not hurt either.

eight Above the desktop

Don’t forget about free space on the wall above your desktop. This is a convenient place to store the books you need for work, study or inspiration.

9 Podium

Instead of a sofa, you can install a podium in the room with drawers or a place for wicker baskets, in which it is convenient to store books.

ten Windowsill

Bookshelves fit well under a wide window sill, and you can throw pillows on it, immediately creating a place for reading. The option is more complicated: to add a window sill with a reading place or a custom-shaped cabinet.


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