10 common wardrobe mistakes (and how to avoid them)


The dressing room can solve several problems with storage in the house at once. But who will solve the problems of a cluttered and uncomfortable dressing room? We tell you how to avoid mistakes and make the area really useful.

one Do not change seasonal things

At first glance, it seems that it is convenient to store everything at once in one place — after all, every thing is at hand. But in reality, this seriously complicates the search for the right clothes.

Design: Rimma Semenova. Photo: Alexander Volodin

How to avoid

You will need organizers and covers for clothes. Put things and shoes out of season in them and put them in the far upper drawers. Don’t forget to clean up any dirt before doing this.

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2 Store shoes without boxes

Shoe boxes take up a lot of space, but they’re essential when it comes to storage. Without boxes, shoes quickly lose their attractive appearance, and also create chaos in the closet.

How to avoid

If you don’t want to keep the boxes in which the pair was sold, or there weren’t any at all, stock up on compact organizers. They more ergonomically spend the space of the dressing room, and the shoes in them stay intact longer.

The video showed ideas and options for storing shoes not only in the dressing room.

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3 Keep irrelevant things

A special place in the dressing room is reserved for things «just in case»: in case of a change in weight, for a special celebration that does not come in any way, or clothes that do not match your style.


How to avoid

All of the above should be ruthlessly removed from the shelves, freeing up space for the necessary and useful wardrobe items. It’s a pity to throw away — donate or give away. Many shops accept old things for recycling, and in return they give discount coupons. If the thing is new, you can present it to friends, just make sure that it is useful to them.

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four Do not sort jewelry

Sometimes there is not enough time for this, sometimes patience, but one way or another, jewelry and accessories often end up dumped into one big organizer, or even worse, a bag. There they break, get lost, and then to fish out the right pair of earrings or unravel the chain is not at all an easy task.

How to avoid

Put each decoration in its own case. Small zip bags can serve as an analogue. An even more convenient option is a special organizer for jewelry or items made of precious metals. There are already provided compartments for rings and earrings. You can make your own similar, for example, from an egg box.

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5 Use shelves for other purposes

The lack of proper zoning is another big problem for most wardrobes. As a result, it becomes impossible to find the necessary things, shoes are laid out out of season, you forget about what is generally stored in your dressing room.


How to avoid

Use the top shelf space to store seasonal, infrequently used, or «special occasion» items. Do not forget to regularly audit there so that the clothes do not stale.

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6 Hang knitwear on hangers

Incorrect storage of things depending on the type of fabric is another mistake in the organization of space, which ultimately ruins things. Knitwear tends to stretch and take the form of a hanger on which it is stored.

How to avoid

Gather information about how best to store certain things. For example, knitted sweaters are best stacked on shelves, while silk blouses, on the contrary, are more convenient to store on a hanger.

7 Don’t sort things by type

With seasonal sorting, everything is clear: when the warm season comes to an end, we take out winter clothes, and vice versa. But it often happens that business shirts hang with sweatpants, and a cocktail dress next to a winter coat. This creates a serious hindrance when choosing clothes.


How to avoid

Divide the wardrobe space into several conditional zones: sportswear, dresses, work suits and everyday items. So it will be easier for you to collect the image and monitor the state of the wardrobe.

eight Forget about the contents of the cabinets

It’s good to have the contents of the closet under control, but often things accumulate on the upper shelves and remain forgotten for several seasons. This leads to unplanned purchases and the accumulation of the same type of wardrobe items.

How to avoid

Inspect cabinets regularly. A great way to always keep your wardrobe in check is to get rid of old clothes once a year. The principle is simple: if a thing has lain untouched for a whole year, you can safely get rid of it.

9 Ignore growth patterns

Choosing standard cabinet sizes is, in fact, a gross mistake. After all, a person with a height of 180 cm and a height of 150 cm has completely different access to drawers and shelves.


How to avoid

Adjust all furniture to your anthropometric data, height and weight. This is easy to do when choosing furniture to order, but you can also arrange finished furniture for yourself.

ten Do not lay a place under the mirror

To squeeze in another locker and completely forget about the mirror — in fact, this move for the sake of functionality turns out to be a losing one. After all, a mirror in a dressing room is no less useful than a closet, it visually increases the footage of the room, plus it is used for its intended purpose — after all, it is much more convenient to try on clothes in front of a mirror than to run into the corridor or bedroom every time.

How to avoid

If your dressing room is not able to accommodate a mirror, it makes sense to abandon one of the cabinets. You can hang the mirror on the door or equip the walls with mirror panels, and hang a couple of shelves on top — so you do not lose the usable area.


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