What to store on the kitchen countertop: 7 examples that you will be delighted with


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one Sweets

A beautiful composition with cookies or sweets will decorate your countertop. Choose beautiful accessories specifically for storing pastries and desserts.

Transparent jars or boxes under&...
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Transparent jars or boxes are suitable for cookies, a rotating stand for a pie or cake, and small ceramic boxes for sweets or candied fruit. All these things will create additional comfort in your kitchen and become a kind of decor element.

2 Flowers

Fresh flowers are a great way to decorate your kitchen countertop. Freshly cut bouquets, potted plants, and realistic artificial compositions will do.

Choose vases or pots that...
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Choose vases or pots that match your kitchen decor. If you prefer living plants, put the most unpretentious ones on the countertop, and while using the stove, it is better to remove them away so that they do not wither.

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3 Spices

Storage of spices can be turned into a separate art form. Pick up beautiful containers: it can be a set of ceramic jars in the same style, boxes for a large amount of seasonings, or small but very stylish “test tubes” with a cork lid on a special stand.

Variegated spices themselves benefit ...
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Variegated spices themselves look quite atmospheric, so you should take a closer look at transparent storage containers. It is convenient to keep such a “seasoning station” next to the stove so that everything is at hand during cooking.

four Fruit

A beautiful basket of different fruits invariably attracts attention and is one of the options for decorating the kitchen. It can serve the dining table or leave it on the countertop.

Fruits look beautiful in plastic...
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Fruits look beautiful in a wicker basket, on a ceramic dish or a special stand on which they can be fixed vertically. This storage option is suitable for bananas or grapes. This is a great way not only to decorate the countertop, but also to unload the refrigerator a little.

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5 Cookbook

If you love to cook and have a cookbook, keep it in plain sight as an authentic décor. Previously, such a collection of recipes was a real relic for housewives and was passed down from generation to generation, so why not find a significant place for it in the kitchen today?

It doesn't really matter which one it is...
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It doesn’t matter at all what kind of book it is: bought in a store in a beautiful minimalist cover or assembled from several notebooks and decorated by hand. And in fact, and in another case, it will decorate the kitchen and emphasize its individuality.

6 Tea and coffee

A coffee station on a countertop is a useful and beautiful decor idea. With the help of stylish accessories, you can create an interesting and, most importantly, functional composition, and all the necessary ingredients for drinks will be at hand.

For example, you can arrange all...
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For example, you can arrange all the items on one tray or stand. So it will be convenient to transfer everything you need to the dining table or to the living room. In addition, it is easier to clean the countertop by moving the tray than by rearranging each item individually.

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7 Cutting boards

Beautiful cutting boards will become a decoration in their own kitchen. Place them beautifully on the countertop, and you can abandon other decor elements.

Cutlery looks beautiful
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Cutting boards of unusual shapes look beautiful, with carvings, patterns or bright wood texture. You can choose an option for any style: from a cozy country to a brutal loft. If you are looking for a laconic and versatile option, pay attention to smooth wooden planks of simple shapes.


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