Types of sofas: an overview of 9 modern transformation mechanisms


It is not easy to choose a reliable, high-quality, functional and at the same time stylish sofa, especially if you need a model that can be transformed into a bed. In this article, we will tell you what types of sofas are according to the type of transformation, show their photos in the interior and take a closer look at the modern mechanisms that furniture manufacturers use.

All about the classification of sofas by type of transformation

Stationary or folding?
Types in shape and design
Transformation types:
— Book
— Eurobook
— Tango
— Pantograph
— Accordion
— Dolphin
— Telescope
— Lit
— Clamshells
How to choose a sofa: tips

Stationary or folding?

Design: Olga Lavrova. Style: Svetlana Okulova. Photo: Christina Player

When choosing a sofa, most buyers are immediately interested in: is it easy to unfold and how comfortable is the bed? But is a folding mechanism always necessary? Maybe a stationary model is enough?

The sofa today is not only about utility and functionality, but also about style, beauty, zoning and space formation. And non-folding ones have their advantages:

  • Durability. In such a model, there is practically nothing to break. So, it will last longer, it will not have to be changed for a new one longer.
  • Compactness. Typically, stationary structures take up less space and are lighter in weight. They are easier to place in a small room. For example, in the kitchen or balcony.
  • Originality of forms, decorative effect. Designers and constructors of such furniture do not have to worry about where to hide additional blocks. Therefore, there is more space for creativity. The result is an unusual design and elegant semi-circular models, original wave-shaped or oval ones.

A stationary sofa is suitable if the house already has enough beds and no additional is needed. BUT when exactly do you need a fold-out? What are its advantages?

  • The possibility of transformation is a good solution for small studio apartments. Sometimes this is the only way to make the space in such a house functional, comfortable and harmonious. Such a model will allow you to organize a full-fledged sleeping place, and a resting place during the day and in the evening. True, not all mechanisms are suitable for daily use.
  • There is additional storage space. This is also important for small apartments. You can put pillows, bed linen or any other things in the drawers.
  • If we are talking about a two- or three-room apartment, where there are enough sleeping places for family members, folding furniture can be useful for accommodating guests. How relevant this is is an individual question.
  • Instead of a full bed: how to choose a sofa for daily sleep?


    Instead of a full bed: how to choose a sofa for daily sleep?

Types of folding sofas in shape and design


Design: Victoria Malysheva. Style: Ekaterina Pozdeeva. Photo: Sergey Pozdeev

This is a universal model. It is suitable for both spacious and compact rooms. For large spaces, such as a living room, you can choose furniture 2 meters or more in length. For small ones — two or one and a half local. There are models whose length is a little more than a meter. The standard width is 70-90 cm. Straight models are also diverse in terms of the mechanisms used. For these sofas, such types of unfolding as a book and eurobook, accordion, folding bed, dolphin, click-clack and others are used.


Social networks of designer Marina Kunitsyna

As a rule, more massive than straight. He needs more space. But it allows you to rationally use the corner of the room. Although, putting such a piece of furniture in a corner is not at all necessary. If the upholstery is equally decorative on all sides, you can place it in the center of the room and use it for zoning. The most common types of corner sofas according to the type of transformation: dolphin, eurobook, pantograph.

  • Corner sofa in the interior (33 photos)


    Corner sofa in the interior (33 photos)


Social media bureau Babayants architects

As the name implies, it consists of modules, that is, separate mobile sections. They can be rearranged at your discretion and thus change the configuration. For example, make it straight or angular, leave one part as a separate pouf, etc. Modular options are usually island. That is, they can be placed in the center of the room. Therefore, their upholstery is the same on all sides and is made of the main fabric. Whereas the back of non-island models is sheathed with technical fabric. Often, modern modular systems are not equipped with folding mechanisms at all. But sometimes you can find options with the possibility of transformation. Usually, these are roll-out systems or eurobook.

  • Modular sofa in the interior: tips for choosing and inspiring photo ideas


    Modular sofa in the interior: tips for choosing and inspiring photo ideas

Types of mechanisms for sofas

A reliable type of transformation is the key to a long service life of furniture and your sound and healthy sleep. If the bed will be laid out every day, you need a convenient mechanism. Such that nothing interferes with his work and does not require moving furniture. If it is furniture for a nursery, it should not require physical effort.


This type of sofas (photo below) is familiar to almost everyone. To unfold the bed, you need to raise the seat up to the stop. Sometimes at this moment a characteristic click is heard. The backrest will drop and the seat can be lowered. Get a double bed. True, in its middle there will be a recess between the two surfaces. To use the book, you need to move it away from the wall by about 20-30 cm. The mechanism is suitable for daily use. In addition, such models always have a capacious storage box..


An improved version of the book. One of the most popular and widespread mechanisms. Eurobook is even easier to use, does not require serious physical effort. You just need to remove the decorative pillows, push the seat “toward yourself” and lower the back into the resulting opening. The bed is ready. This type of transformation is great for daily use. Even a child can handle it.

The roll-out part is equipped with rollers. Therefore, the floor surface must be flat. These models also have a large drawer for linen. But keep in mind that this type of transformation needs free space in front of the seat.

  • Eurobook mechanism in sofas: what you need to know before buying


    Eurobook mechanism in sofas: what you need to know before buying

Tango or click-clack

It looks like a book and a eurobook. But this is a more complex transformation method, it allows you to create several different positions. Such furniture is placed 20-30 cm from the wall. Tango works like this: the seat rises until it clicks. This lowers the back, and then the seat itself. It turns out to be a sleeping place. From a fully unfolded state, the furniture can be transferred to a relaxation position: the seat rises again until it clicks, then falls down, followed by the backrest. But it does not rise completely vertically, but is located at an angle. Already from this position, the sofa can be transformed into a fully seated one. Often used and armrests. They can be laid out horizontally, then they will become part of the bed. And you can expand it, and then slightly raise it — you get a comfortable support for pillows. Tango is equipped with a box for linen.


This is a kind of eurobook. The principle of operation is absolutely the same. But there is one significant difference. If the eurobook has a retractable front part on rollers, then the pantograph does not. The seat does not «ride» on the floor, but as if taking a step. Slightly rises, moves forward and falls down to the floor on special legs. These sofas have a linen box. Suitable for daily use.


This type of transformation got its name for a reason. During operation, it really resembles an accordion. The back consists of two parts, folded horizontally. To unfold the bed, you need to pull the seat forward towards you. Following him, both parts of the back will come into motion. The sleeping place will stretch like an accordion. But he needs a lot of free space in the front. Similar furniture can also have a box for linen. But its dimensions are smaller than previous models. The mechanism is considered quite reliable.


Another very common and demanded mechanism today. It works like this: the front part, that is, the seat, moves forward. Inside there is a hidden additional pillow on movable supports. You need to pull it by a special loop towards you and up a little. As a result, this section will be flush with the rest, and you get a bed.

Often such a mechanism is installed on corner models. Then in the stationary corner part there is room for a linen box. Suitable for frequent use.

  • Sofa with dolphin mechanism: everything you need to know about the furniture you like


    Sofa with dolphin mechanism: everything you need to know about the furniture you like


Fairly light and handy mechanism. The principle of its operation is quite simple. First you need to pull the front part towards you. It will roll out, followed by two more sections. This sofa can be used every day. The only drawback is that in such models there is no box for storing linen..


Furniture with this type of transformation is chosen for children’s rooms. The fact is that such a folding mechanism is installed only on single models. How does he work? Very simple. Even a child will cope. The berth is formed by unfolding the armrests. In this case, the armrests can have several positions, not only completely horizontal.


It is rather a solution for guests. Nevertheless, for occasional use it is quite a worthy design. It is found in three versions: French, American and Italian. The French folding bed works like this: the pillows are removed from the seat, the folding bed itself, folded in three, is taken out, and lowered onto the supports. In an American folding bed, the bed folds in half, so it is possible to use a thicker mattress. In the Italian folding bed, the folded bed forms a back.

  • How to choose a sofa in the living room: 6 important parameters


    How to choose a sofa in the living room: 6 important parameters

How to choose a sofa bed?

Social networks of designer Denis Gorshkov, studio DD

  • Consider the size of the bed. For one person, 140 cm wide is enough, for two you need more — at least 160. Length — at least 200 cm.
  • Frame. For folding furniture, its reliability is especially important. Frames made of some types of natural wood show themselves well in practice: oak, beech, walnut, birch. And, of course, welded metal frames.
  • Filler. If spring blocks, then it is better — independent. They have a longer service life, they have an orthopedic effect, adapt to the shape of the body, do not creak. If without springs, then the basis, as a rule, will be polyurethane foam. It is responsible for elasticity and shape maintenance. For example, artificial latex, options with a «memory effect» provide increased comfort. Natural latex also shows high performance.
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    Which sofa is the best? Selection tips, criteria and rating


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