Teen Boy Nursery: Design Tips & 8 Amazing Projects


A boy’s nursery requires no less attention to detail than a girl’s bedroom. Think over the functionality, reflect the tastes and interests of the owner, emphasize his individuality — the older the child becomes, the more nuances need to be taken into account. In this article, we will tell and show on examples of real projects how to plan a room design for a teenage boy to make it stylish, functional and durable.

Ideas for a teenage boy’s room

General recommendations
– Finishing
— Furniture
Project examples
For the dinosaur lover
— For a student
— For a young athlete
— For the eldest son
— For two brothers
— For the Star Wars fan
— For a homebody
— For a geek

General recommendations

In adolescence, children’s tastes are finally formed, their hobbies and interests appear. All this must be taken into account first of all when planning the design of a children’s bedroom.


Instagram @design_egupova

When the child turns 10-11 years old, it’s time to get rid of the color clichés, if you haven’t already done so. Discuss with him which shades he likes and which ones he would not like to see in his bedroom. In order not to have to redecorate every 1-2 years, it is best to choose a neutral palette and a calm finish that will not seem too childish to the owner of the room over time.

A few simple rules:

  • White, beige, gray — an ideal base that will be relevant at any age. They are well complemented by shades of blue and blue, green, orange and brown.
  • If such a neutral design seems too boring for a child, invite him to complement the interior with bright details: figurines of his favorite characters, posters, accent furniture or decor. It will be easier to change them in the future than to repaint the walls.
  • Use high-quality and environmentally friendly materials that will last a long time. For the walls in the room for a teenage boy, these are wallpapers, paint, decorative plaster (suitable for a loft style), MDF panels. For the floor — a good laminate, quartz vinyl, parquet or engineered board. The ceiling can be made stretch or just paint the plates in a light color.
  • If you want to decorate the room with photo wallpaper, choose a pattern or print that will not cease to be relevant in a year or two. For example, it can be a photo of a big city, natural motifs, a space theme, etc.

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The amount of furniture depends primarily on the area of ​​​​the room, but it is necessary to provide for several functional areas.

Instagram @lena_zufarova

Required minimum for a teen bedroom:

  • A full-fledged sleeping place — it can be a stationary bed, a transformer or a folding sofa.
  • A comfortable work area with a table, chair or armchair and a storage system for textbooks, books, small items, etc.
  • Spacious closet for clothes, bags, sports equipment.

It is also desirable to make a recreation area, a playroom, a mini-sports complex (for example, a Swedish wall) or a place for a hobby — depending on the age, interests and lifestyle of a teenager. If the boy is fond of computer games, arrange for him a comfortable chair with an armchair and all the necessary equipment for gaming.

Project examples

Consider how you can design the interior design of a teenager’s room for a boy using Russian projects as an example.

For the dinosaur lover

The interior of a room for a teenage boy should reflect his tastes and interests. Here’s an example of how you can do it in style.

Instagram @imagery.3ddesign

The decor of this bedroom is full of interesting details to be considered:

  • Volumetric accent wall, reminiscent of a designer.
  • A stylized poster whose theme is supported by original cabinet handles in the form of dinosaurs.
  • A bright upholstered bed that adds color to a neutral interior.
  • Pegboard in the same frame as the posters, organizing convenient storage of small items next to the table.
  • Dark blue painted ceiling with images of pterodactyls. The sketches are made in the same style as the poster behind the bed.

In addition to decorative elements, thought out and functional. So, the bedroom has everything a boy needs at this age: a bed, a seating area, a comfortable workplace, diverse storage systems. There is enough free space in the center to do exercises, kick a ball or lie on a carpet with a comic book.

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For a student

A small room for a teenager boy can also be functional, and this project is a vivid proof of that.

Instagram @logvina_design

The area of ​​​​the room is only 8 squares. Basic light colors were chosen for decoration: beige, gray-blue, white. They do not overload the space, but dilute the atmosphere with bright yellow, green and blue accents.

In order for the owner to have enough space to store all the necessary things, a roomy system with open and closed sections was made around the window. It has a place for clothes, books and small things. Another difficulty was the inconvenient square supporting structure to the left of the entrance, which could not be demolished. The designer managed to find an original way out of the situation: the ledge was painted and externally turned into a large Rubik’s cube, which became the basis for an unusual rack consisting of randomly arranged boxes.

To the right of the entrance, a small but comfortable bed with a soft headboard was placed. Above it was placed a small shelf, a reading lamp and an accent neon inscription. The wall opposite was left empty — it is decorated with stylish photo wallpapers depicting New York. Unlike children’s prints or cartoon characters, such a design will not cease to be relevant even when a teenager is 15-17 years old.

For the young athlete

It’s great when his hobbies are integrated into the design of a teenage room for a boy — as happened in this project.

Instagram @malakhova_design

This bright bedroom is a miniature apartment for its owner. There is absolutely everything you need here: a comfortable bed, a study area, a wardrobe, a TV, a sports area. Attention is immediately drawn to the atypical layout: usually the bed is placed on the side of the entrance, then there are other areas and, finally, a workplace with storage systems.

Here, zoning is decided differently. The entire wall to the right of the door is given over to a storage system and a dressing area with a mirror: a wardrobe closet smoothly flows into a shelving unit and a wall with a TV area. On the other side there is a sports section, a sofa bed and a work desk with a wall cabinet.

The owner of the bedroom goes in for sports, and this is clearly seen in the interior: a large stylized poster above the bed, a corner for physical activity. Also in the room there is a place for sports equipment. The atmosphere turned out to be quite adult, without deliberately childish decor or patterns. This is a great option for both a high school student and a teenager of 10-12 years old for growth.

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The design of the room of a teenage boy boy 14-17 years old

The design of a teenage room for an older boy suggests neutrality — almost like in an adult bedroom.

Instagram @mediana_interiors

For example, in this project, the nursery for the eldest son was decorated in noble beige and brown tones with spectacular dark accents. The content is essentially classic: a bed and a workplace, a spacious storage system, a sports corner. However, the form is more restrained and verified. On the walls — plain wallpaper, furniture — not from the children’s department. There is very little decor: only a couple of posters on the wall in contrasting frames, soft textiles on the bed and a plant in a light planter.

The storage system is interestingly solved: instead of a massive free-standing cabinet, the designers made a built-in structure, which is completely recessed into the niche. An open rack with ten sections for storing textbooks and trifles is suspended above the desktop.

For two brothers

Decorating a room for two teenage boys is an even more difficult task, because you need to take into account the tastes of both and find twice as much space for furniture.

Instagram @krylova_design

The author of this project thought out a whole system with an upper tier, which made it possible to place all the necessary functional areas in a small area. So, the brothers had:

  • A full-fledged bunk bed with drawers for bed linen at the bottom.
  • A seating area under the ceiling where you can read a book, sit on a tablet or chat with friends.
  • Spacious closet.
  • Comfortable workplace for two with ten drawers and hanging storage system.
  • Window sill bench.

When the room is intended for more than one child, it is important that everyone has their own corner and the opportunity to isolate. That is why here the designer provided two recreation areas at once in different parts of the nursery. So the brothers can retire and spend time as they like, without disturbing each other.

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For the Star Wars fan

Here is another cool example of how a boy’s teenage room can reflect his interests.

Instagram @pisa_design

The owner of this small but cozy bedroom loves the Star Wars universe, and this can be easily seen in the interior. The room is decorated in calm cold colors that are associated with the sky and space: black, gray, blue and blue. The atmosphere is minimalist: smooth glossy furniture fronts, flowing lines, black metal window openings.

Two striking elements are a black-and-white poster above the bed and a photo wallpaper on a section of the wall. Everything is in the theme of «Star Wars» and organically resonates with the overall design of the space. The functionality is also thought out in detail, in the nursery has all the necessary areas:

  • Sleeping place.
  • Desktop with storage system.
  • TV area built into the closet.
  • Lounge area in the form of a large easy chair.

For a homebody

If your child loves to read and spends a lot of time in his room, he will definitely like the design, as in this project.

Instagram @malakhova_design

The designer designed this teenage bedroom in neutral shades that are calm and pleasing to the eye: gray, blue, white, brown. With the help of a light light partition, the space was divided into two parts. In one there is a bed, a wardrobe, a workplace with a rack for books and textbooks. The other is equipped with a full-fledged recreation area with a large plasma TV, an armchair and a pouffe, where it is convenient to play the console alone or with friends, sit with a book and much more. The owner of the nursery loves to read, so they provided for him many different storage systems with drawers and open shelves for a collection of his favorite literature.

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For the geek

Now it is difficult to imagine a teenager who would not understand computers, whether it be games, programming or web design.

Instagram @irenmalkova_designer

If your growing son is into technology, reflect his hobby in the interior of the room, as you did in this project. Here has all the required attributes for a teenage geek:

  • Bright colors and neon lights.
  • Large work desk with comfortable chair.
  • Powerful computer for programming, animation or design.
  • A TV to which you can connect a set-top box.

In addition, a small sports area, a variety of storage systems and a comfortable bed were organized for the owner of the room. The wall behind the bed is decorated with textured photo wallpapers with a drawing of an aircraft and complemented by LED lighting. Things are stored in a large built-in wardrobe, which is hidden in the wall and is almost invisible thanks to the dark blue facades to match the finish.


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