Modular wall in the living room: tips for choosing and 90 beautiful photos in the interior


It is hard to imagine the interior of the 90s or 2000s without the bulky design of cabinets in the hall. Because of this, the slides are strongly associated with that period of time and seem like a relic of the past. But in fact, this is a convenient universal storage system that helps to neatly organize the space and organize a variety of things: from books or documents to bed linen. In this article, we will tell you how to choose a modern modular wall for the living room: comfortable, stylish and, most importantly, relevant. And also show photos of beautiful examples.

Choosing a modular wall in the hall

Design options
— Wood
– Veneer
– chipboard


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A furniture wall is a large storage system consisting of different elements: cabinets, shelving, bedside tables, drawers, shelves. If necessary, sections for a bio-fireplace, home theater, stereo system, etc. can be added here. All this is assembled into a single structure, which includes a TV area, and sometimes even a workplace. Such furniture is produced in a variety of colors, finishes and sizes, so you can easily choose a modular wall for a living room in a classic style, minimalism, loft or other directions.

Modern furniture should be multifunctional, concise and ergonomic. Thanks to this, in recent years, the trend for all kinds of modular systems has been firmly entrenched. They are not sold ready-made, like standard models, but are assembled according to the principle of a designer for a specific customer request.

This gives them a number important benefits:

  • You choose which elements and how many to include. So in the design there will be nothing superfluous, but only what you need.
  • The same goes for the size and design of the living room modular wall. You can choose the elements so that they fit perfectly into the width and height of the wall or make non-standard cabinets to order. Decide whether the modules will be open or closed, what materials to make facades from, whether to add decorative trim.
  • This is not a monolithic structure, such as a built-in wardrobe. At any time, parts of the wall can be swapped, something can be removed or added — this allows you to adapt the content of the room without buying new furniture and without starting a large-scale rearrangement.
  • Modular systems are focused on a modern interior, so you can choose the design that suits your style: for minimalism, scandi, contemporary, loft.

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Modular walls for the living room in a modern style

The mobility of the modular wall allows you to compose any composition from the elements: from a large-scale storage system for a spacious hall to a minimum set of sections if the room is small.

Design: Julia Strapko. Photo: Alexander Kuzas. Stylist: Katerina Stoyak

The most common designs are::

  • In one line, with closed and open cabinets that are at the same height.
  • In one line, with several sections located at different heights — this is the same «slide» familiar to many. The highest element can be exactly in the center (the rest diverge from it symmetrically), or make a chaotic arrangement of sections.
  • Corner — the design occupies two adjacent walls. Parts of the wall can be connected by a corner cabinet or simply side by side, without having a direct intersection.

  • Only the bottom row — cabinets and drawers, a worktop for a workplace, etc.
  • Only the top row — shelves around the TV, hanging racks, fixtures for equipment.

The center point of the composition is also important. Almost always, the wall is «assembled» around the TV, but sometimes it is abandoned. In this case, you can hang a projector or a large picture in its place, install additional cabinets, leave the wall empty, or choose a bright accent finish for this section of the wall (wallpaper, plaster, decorative panels).

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In addition to appearance, the material from which the wall will be made is very important. It depends on how long it will last and what effect it will create in the room. Consider the most popular materials.


Design: Asya Kozlovskaya. Photo: Nikita Korostelev. Style: Ekaterina Shapovalova

Wood is a noble, environmentally friendly, durable raw material that is always welcome in the interior. The only enemy of wood is high humidity (and, accordingly, direct contact with water), but this is usually irrelevant for a living room. Another big plus of wood is its versatility. It is suitable for both strict classics and practical scandi or laconic contemporary. This is not the cheapest material, but among the variety of breeds you can find options for any budget. Large furniture is often made of ash, beech, birch, pine, oak.


MDF — dense slabs of pressed wooden raw materials. A cheaper alternative to an array with excellent performance.

Design: Evgenia Pestova. Photo: Eugene Kulibaba. Style: Elena Karasaeva

This is a reliable, durable and, most importantly, completely environmentally friendly material, which, unlike natural wood, is not afraid of moisture and temperature changes. Therefore, MDF walls should be chosen if, for example, the living room is combined with the kitchen, and the room itself is small and all zones are next to each other. Another plus is design versatility. Facades can be smooth and embossed, made to look like real wood or painted in any color.


Veneer is the thinnest sheet of wood, which is obtained from bars or logs.

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They cover furniture made of artificial materials, providing a beautiful and environmentally friendly top layer. At the same time, the product itself costs less than a similar model made entirely of natural wood.

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Chipboard — just like MDF, it is made from compressed raw materials, but sawdust is usually used.

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The material is lightweight, inexpensive, but less durable than solid wood or other alternatives. For many, the environmental friendliness of chipboard raises questions, since the composition of the raw materials includes formaldehyde resins. In fact, they can harm the body only at high temperatures and in large quantities, but still the material cannot be classified as completely environmentally friendly. Chipboard is suitable for the living room, as it is not recommended to use it except in the bedroom or nursery.

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The composition of the modular design depends entirely on your preferences, as well as the tasks that the storage system must solve.

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The main elements include closed cabinets, racks, hanging shelves, cabinets with drawers. Optional can be added to them:

  • Wardrobe.
  • Sideboard or sideboard for dishes and decor.

  • Workplace.
  • Additional deep drawers for bed linen or seasonal clothes.
  • Bookshelf.

  • Console for appliances.
  • Portal for an electronic fireplace.
  • Mini bar or wine cabinet, etc.

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The classic option for the location of such a storage system is along one of the walls.

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If the modular design does not occupy the entire width, then it is placed in the center — symmetry always looks neater. Since cabinets, racks and shelves are usually located around the TV, on the contrary, it is logical to equip a soft group with a sofa, armchairs and a table. And if you allocate a place under the TV for a modern bio-fireplace, you get a stylish and at the same time very cozy seating area — both in a country house and in an apartment.

With the help of a variety of modules, you can use a free corner by placing sections on two adjacent walls. This option is suitable for an elongated room or a small combined kitchen-living room. If the room is small, then it is important not to clutter it with massive furniture. In this case, choose laconic facades, preferably suspended, in neutral light colors. For closed sections, you can use glossy facades — they will “lighten” the entire structure, and will also reflect light, making the space visually more spacious. In the gallery below — a photo of modern modular walls in living rooms of different sizes.

Unlike built-in or ready-made cabinet models, modular ones give much more freedom. It is not necessary to place all the elements close to each other — something can be placed at a short distance, leave room for decor, make a mobile mobile system (for example, with a transforming desktop or bedside table that can be moved away to free up space).

When planning wall placement, keep basic ergonomics in mind. If there are drawers or doors that open forward, you need to lay free space for them — preferably at least 60 cm. All storage systems should have easy access and quick access, because reaching for a book or wiping dust while balancing on one leg or leaning over a chair , will not be very convenient. Also make sure that there are free outlets near the appliances (or buy extension cords and figure out how to neatly disguise them).


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