Modern bathroom: design tips and 85 photos of current design


Unlike classic interiors, which are limited by strict canons, a modern bathroom can look completely different. But certain difficulties are associated with such freedom: what colors, materials, furniture to choose so that the design does not cease to be relevant in a few years? We understand in this article.

Bathroom interior in modern style

Style Features
Design Ideas
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— Plumbing
— Furniture
— Decor

Modern style bathroom features

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Contemporary does not have a single visual picture, since the whole point is in variability. The main thing is to follow the general principles of modern design.

Comfort and naturalness

The rhythm of city life can be very tiring, so the house should be the place where you can relax and “turn off” from working days. This is helped by natural tactilely pleasant materials, calm natural colors, simple shapes without an excess of bright decor. A bathroom in a living space plays a key role: it is here that you can wash away all your worries, get distracted from business and fully relax. Hence, one of the main trends in the design of a modern bathroom (photo below) is the organization of a full-fledged home spa. It can be a freestanding bathtub, a rain shower with different modes, an aromatherapy corner, etc.

Lots of light and air

One of the main markers of contemporary style is an open floor plan. On the one hand, this is not so important for a small bathroom, on the other hand, you can create a feeling of spaciousness and air even on several squares.

This will help:

  • Any translucent structures (for example, glass block partitions and screens look stylish).
  • Compact furniture of a simple form.
  • «Lightweight» suspended plumbing.
  • Light colors and calm finishes.

Functionality comes first

Another important rule of modern design: first — function, then — form. The interior is filled with comfortable, ergonomic and functional items, be it furniture or appliances. Even decor should ideally have a practical use: for example, candles, trays, beautiful containers for shampoo and shower gel.

Thinking through the filling of the bathroom, ask yourself the question «How will this thing make my life easier?». Use modern multifunctional models and all sorts of technological features: antibacterial coatings, smart faucets, shower systems with remote control and voice assistant.

Conscious consumption

Initially, concern for nature was a popular trend, but now it can be confidently considered one of the characteristic features of contemporary design.

She is expressed in several ways:

  • Eco-friendly finishing materials.

  • Compliance with the principles of zero waste.
  • Refusal of cheap plastic and disposable accessories.
  • Plumbing that helps you use water wisely.

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    Contemporary style in the interior: main features and 75 beautiful photo ideas

Design Ideas

Consider how to design a bathroom in a modern style step by step, with photos of current examples.

Color spectrum

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There are no strict palette requirements in the contemporary direction, with the exception of one general principle: use natural, pleasing to the eye shades, rather than flashy acid colors. Moreover, the bathroom is exactly the room in which you can safely experiment with color combinations.

To choose the right palette, answer a few questions:

  • Do you like color or monochrome interiors?
  • Dark or light colors?
  • What atmosphere do you want to create in the bathroom?

If you prefer a contemporary style with a minimalist twist, then most likely a calm one will suit you. light gamma Possibly monochrome. In this case, any universal color is taken as the basis: beige, gray, white. The palette is based on its shades, which are revealed on different textures. It can be smooth plain tiles, wood imitation, terrazzo, marbled or concrete effect porcelain tiles, etc.

dark colors look very impressive, so they are also often used in the bathroom. In this case, pay special attention to the materials: choose non-staining surfaces on which every fingerprint or drop of water will not be visible. It is also important to avoid the dark cramped box effect. This will help interspersed with light colors, multi-level lighting, mirrors and light transparent structures.

The bathroom can be decorated in bright colors. In order not to overdo it with variegation, remember the balance: the richer the shades, the calmer the textures and patterns should be (or it’s better to do without prints at all). When choosing colors, use the 60/30/10 rule: 60% of the palette is occupied by the main one, 30% by the secondary, 10% by the brightest, accent.


Finishing materials must be of high quality, durable, unpretentious in care, moisture resistant.

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The most common option for modern style bathrooms is tile, as in the photo below. It can be a classic tile, porcelain stoneware or quartz vinyl that is currently relevant. Any design is allowed: plain glossy or matte finishes, patterns, imitation of natural materials. The latter option is used especially often if the bathroom is decorated in neutral shades. The textures of wood, marble, concrete, stone make the interior more voluminous and interesting, compensating for the lack of bright colors.

In addition to ceramics, paint, decorative plaster, panels and even wallpaper are used in bathroom decoration. The most important thing is to use water-resistant varieties, as this is one of the key criteria for the «wet zone».

For a small room, a combination of 2-3 coatings is optimal: for example, tiles of various types, porcelain stoneware and paint or wallpaper. If you take more, it will turn out too colorful, and the visual integrity of the design will also be lost. If you limit yourself to one tile everywhere, it can look boring.

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A set of plumbing depends on the area and type of bathroom. It can be combined or separate.

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In the first case, everything you need is placed in one room: a sink, toilet, bath or shower. In the second — the toilet is taken out in a separate room. If the area allows, they put a washing machine in the bathroom or organize an entire laundry area.

When choosing plumbing, it is important to consider two criteria:

  • Design. Despite the fact that wall-hung toilets and sinks cost more than classic ones, they look visually lighter, take up less space and make cleaning in the bathroom much easier. In contemporary design, this type of plumbing is used much more often.
  • Color. The most popular option is classic white. In stores, there is a larger selection of such plumbing, and it is usually cheaper. It is more difficult to choose black or color, and it will be more expensive, but it looks very impressive. At the same time, keep in mind that on a dark sink or toilet, all pollution will be more noticeable than on light models.


Furniture in modern bathrooms, photos of which you will find below, is mainly represented by storage systems.

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It could be:

  • Cabinet with drawers or shelves under the sink.

  • Rack or bookcase.
  • Closed storage cabinet.
  • Shelves on walls or in niches.

Although open storage looks stylish and decorative, in real life it is unlikely that it will always be possible to maintain perfect order. To minimize the visual mess and not turn the bathroom into an untidy cluttered closet, it is better to make most of the storage closed.

As for furniture design, as a rule, these are concise, simple-shaped products. Cabinets and cabinets are often made without handles, with a click-opening mechanism. Facade materials must be moisture resistant. In most cases, it is better to replace natural solid wood with high-quality MDF (it will turn out cheaper). Metal, high-strength plastic, glass are also used.

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Despite the fact that modern design is based on the principles of minimalism, this does not mean a complete rejection of decor. There is a place for him even in the bathroom.

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Accessories complete the interior and set the necessary accents. The main thing is to choose them consciously. Better it will be a couple of stylish decorations than a dozen gaudy little things that only create visual noise.

Suitable for the bathroom:

  • Single style containers for soap, shampoo, shower gel, etc.
  • Posters or paintings.

  • Unusual laundry baskets.
  • Scented candles and interior perfumes.
  • Beautiful organizers for storing cosmetics and small things.
  • Artificial and live plants (they can be put on a shelf or hung from the ceiling)
  • Accent lights.

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Modern style


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