Loft-style entrance hall: decoration, furniture, lighting and 70 photos of modern projects


Designers sent him into retirement more than once. But the loft style in interior design is still one of the most popular. Over time, it changes and transforms. In this article, we will learn how to design a loft-style hallway so that it looks modern.

We equip the hallway in the loft style

Loft today
Design Features
Finish options
— For walls
— for the ceiling
— For the floor
Analysis of interesting projects

Loft today

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What will happen if the old factory buildings are rebuilt into housing? Keep authentic elements in the decoration and complement them with vintage and modern, fashionable details? You get a loft that has not lost its relevance for many years. It is written down in antitrends, reckoned among the outgoing trends, but people’s love cannot be defeated. And clients still continue to order such interiors from designers.

So, classic loft spaces are distinguished by the following characteristics.

  • Open floor plans without unnecessary partitions.
  • High ceilings and large windows.
  • Metal, stone and wood as the basis of the interior.
  • Industrial aesthetics: open communications — engineering systems and wiring.
  • Rough finish, raw surfaces or their imitation.
  • Assorted furniture and interior details.

This direction, like others, is not «frozen» in its original form. It changes over time. It becomes softer, thinner, lighter. He learns to be friends with objects that are absolutely alien to him. For example, chic and elegant crystal chandeliers. Elements from minimalism, country, boho, scandi, mid century, even classics. Yes, the palette has changed. It has long been not only red brick and black metal. Today, designers boldly use other, sometimes unexpected colors.

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    From the choice of finishes to decor: we design a living room with a loft-style kitchen

Hallway design features

When we plan repairs in an apartment or house, the first thing we think about is how the living room, kitchen, and perhaps even a bathroom will look like. And the hallway usually stays away. And in vain. After all, this is the first room where we find ourselves after passing through the front door. So, it is the entrance hall that creates the first impression of the house, its interior.

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At the same time, competently equipping the entrance area so that it is both beautiful and comfortable is not easy. The main problem is its size. In apartments, hallways are usually given little space, and you need to place a closet, a shoe rack, and an ottoman there. Also, there are usually no windows. That’s why There are a few things to consider during the planning stage.

  • Do not overload with decor. This is a space where a lot of little things are always stored: keys to the house, car, garage, umbrellas, gloves, scarves and scarves. In addition, dirt and dust from the street gets here. Therefore, a lot of small decorative details will only create a feeling of «noise» and complicate cleaning.
  • More light. Often the hallway is illuminated only by artificial light sources. One light bulb in the center of the ceiling may not be enough. It is better to use several lighting scenarios: ceiling, wall light, decorative lighting.
  • Less dark colors. Unless, of course, we are talking about a spacious room with windows. For a narrow, closed space, it is better to choose light colors.
  • Anti-vandal finish. If paint, then washable. If the wallpaper is durable. Floor covering that is not afraid of moisture and dirt.

  • Thoughtful furniture sets. Both built-in and free-standing models are suitable. It is important to consider all the necessary zones. This is the storage of outerwear, shoes, bags, suitcases, hats. And a dressing room area with hangers for things that are often worn, or for guest clothes. And a place for a banquette, sofa or bench. And also shelves or drawers for small things, of which there are always a lot in the hallway.

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    Like a living room: 10 wow hallway ideas that will make it look chic

Finish options

Let us consider in more detail what finishing materials will be organic for the hallway and corridor in a loft-style apartment.

for walls

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Brickwork is still actively used to decorate walls in such spaces. Ideally, it should be «native», that is, just a part of the wall, cleaned of layers of plaster and paint. But this is not always possible. That’s why you can use a special decorative brick. It does not have to be red-brown: white, gray, even colored blue, green are possible. It is important that such a brick looks as natural as possible. This is facilitated by the relief, irregularities, asymmetry. The main thing is that the clinker does not seem stamped, it is better if the bricks are slightly different from each other. Since the surface of the clinker is porous, it is advisable to use a protective coating, such as a special varnish.

Concrete coating and its imitation are a serious competitor to brick today. for walls use microcement. It is also called microconcrete. It is a mixture of cement and quartz sand. When applied, an unusual and interesting texture is obtained. By the way, such a coating does not have to be gray.

You can also imitate concrete or stone on the walls using large-format porcelain tiles.

Paint is a proven option. For a loft-style interior, a matte monochromatic finish is suitable.

Besides, you can use decorative plaster, just not in the classic variations. Again, the texture of concrete or just a rough texture will do.

Nobody has canceled wallpaper. The main thing is to choose the right color, pattern and texture. Ideally, the wallpaper should imitate painted walls or plaster and be durable.

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    How to choose wallpaper in the hallway: practical tips and trendy ideas (60 photos)

For ceiling

A simple, quick and inexpensive option is a matte plain stretch fabric. The options with a shadow adjoining or seamless look actual. A slightly more complicated solution is to sheathe the ceiling with drywall. In a loft, it would be appropriate to leave the concrete floor slab intact. You can only cover it with a protective composition.

Design: Natalia Tsvetkova and Vladislav Ivanov. Photo: Alexander Kamachkin

And, finally, the most expensive, but very effective way of decoration is wood trim. It can be lining, slats, planken, beams, plywood.

For floor

Here everything is about the same as with other surfaces. Honor wood and stone.

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You can use quartz vinyl, porcelain stoneware or tiles.

High class laminate too. It is important to remember that the lighter the floor, the higher and more spacious the room will appear. But at the same time, light coatings are also easily soiled.

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    Do not repeat: 4 unsuccessful materials for finishing the floor in the hallway

We select furniture

In short, traditional loft-style furniture is a combination of wood and metal. But now designers feel much freer. For example, they mix such items with sophisticated, vintage ones. Or emphatically luxurious, in neoclassical or even art deco style.

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The central object in the hallway is a wardrobe for outerwear. It can be either built-in, almost invisible, or freestanding. Suitable models with facades that mimic natural wood in its natural shade. Cabinets with transparent glass doors look interesting through which you can see hangers and shelves with clothes. Or completely open structures, without walls and doors. You can choose facades for stone or concrete. There are metal models. Options with a mirror in a metal or wooden frame are also suitable.

In addition to the closet, hangers are ordered. As well as the rest of the furnishings: a chest of drawers, a shoe rack, shelves, racks, a bench.

And you do not need to collect a single headset. You can use objects from different stories. True, one must be careful here. It is important that they «make friends». You can verify this by first making a collage with images of the elements you like. Or use a special computer program for interior design.

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    Options for filling the closet in the hallway: useful tips and 76 photos


For the central part of the corridor, it is better to use ceiling lights that will not hang too low overhead.

Design: Elena Solokhina. Photo: Mikhail Chekalov

In the design of the loft-style hallway, the track ones will organically look.

You can choose built-in ceiling or overhead light sources — spot or spot. If you still want a chandelier, let it be concise, easy to clean, laid on or on a short cord. Massive models in a small hallway will look heavy. Low-hanging options are best placed closer to the walls and used as additional lighting. You can try on models in retro or country style.

You need to supplement the top light with side lights — small metal or wooden wall sconces. For example, in the form of Edison lamps or lanterns. Pay attention to the fact that they do not protrude too much forward. Otherwise, you will constantly touch them with clothes. A good idea for a hallway would be LED lighting for the ceiling and open shelves.

  • Loft style lamps: tips for choosing and 6 stylish models (100 photos)


    Loft style lamps: tips for choosing and 6 stylish models (100 photos)


Any object can become an element of decor. Even the one that initially had nothing to do with the decor. For example, a car number or road sign, an old camera or telephone, a wooden box, parts of various mechanisms, a suitcase, a guitar, and even a bicycle. Open wiring and engineering systems also become part of the interior.

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Of the more traditional options: mirrors — wall and floor, table lamps. Posters and paintings — pop art, abstract art, avant-garde, cubism, graffiti style. This style usually does not overuse decorative details. Therefore, literally 2-3 interesting elements are enough. Moreover, in the entrance area there is no place for a large number of decorations.

Loft-style hallway: photos of interesting projects

color block

In this project, we see a modern interpretation of the loft style. Delicate, gentle approach. The loft here is felt at the intersection with minimalism. Nothing extra. A minimum of furniture and decor.

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An interesting impression of the space is created by the use of color block. A contrasting combination of three colors and materials: wood, stone, paint. The black concrete and rich tan wood on one wall continues into the cabinetry along the other and contrasts with the light paint on opposite walls and the almost white stone on the floor. The texture of light concrete is preserved on the ceiling, while black track lights add graphics.

Loft and some glamor

In this interior, unlike the previous one, the female character is clearly traced. Although we see uneven red brick, metal fixtures and furniture.

Social networks of designer Anastasia Kostareva

What causes such an effect? First of all, it is a large mirror with soft warm illumination. By the way, the lighting continues in the design of the ceiling. Graceful black slats, marble flooring, carriage tie upholstery on the seat. And, of course, due to the decor: small laconic vases on the table, a contrasting green plant in the corner, an accent black and white portrait. Well, the shoes, carelessly left at the entrance, only confirm our guess.


And here is another characteristic and atmospheric space.

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Industrial style is visible in every detail. General impression: brutality, masculine character, even some rudeness. It is created due to the palette, the choice of finishing materials, deliberately stylized furniture, open external wiring, lighting organization.



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